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My First Time With Carls Jr

I went to Midvalley today, and I had one of the most frustrating day with the KTM (a company that owns a train system in Malaysia)
Seriously, I'm kinda frustrated with KTM, and most Malaysian know why
It's ok, nothing I can do though
At least it is the train system that connect the most places around Selangor

I met Adam, Naqib and their friends at MidValley
I arrived at about 1600, which is kinda late since they had finished playing bowling
but I still had not have my lunch at that time
Lucky me, they accompanied me eating at the Food Junction
hehe thanx guys

After we had walked in the MidValley for some time, suddenly Adam decided to have some burgers at Carls Jr.
Of course, I thought he was just joking

Well, here we go!

Adam bought the Teriyaki-what-I-don't-remember burger, and when I tried it, something triggered me to buy a burger too
hehe (nafsu makan kuat)
So I bought the Mushroom-I-forget-the-name burger for RM18.00
I don't regret it coz' it keeps me full enough until the minutes I'm writing this blog

The freakishly big burger


Naqib's sarcastic face

The burger is nice
It is big and very very juicy that will keep you begging for more

Since we all are decicated Muslims (eceyh), we went to perform our Maghrib prayer first before going back

At Shah Alam KTM Station, I met with Azza (my former classmate at MRSM TGB)
She said she just got back from Genting Highland with his brother
Asyik jumpa Azza jer lately, jodoh ke?hehe
She already has a special friend~

It feels good to spend my time hanging out with friends
Hope our meeting is blessed by Allah~

-I still miss a friend of mine-


  1. hoho..
    asl sarcastic plak muka aku?
    jujur kot muka tu.

  2. bunyi tajuk tuh selalu nyer utk org yg nak citer 1st time 'main' jek...wakakaka...

  3. naqib - sajer jer nk bg caption cambest haha

    adam - tau aku maleh nk fikir tajuk lain..hehe

  4. carl's jr. is my favourite!
    mengaku je la ko rindu aku!!!

  5. aawww

    ko mmg memahami aku laa...

    x sabar nk gie wisc ngan ko

    nanti dalam flight dok aa sebelah aku eyh??

  6. tiru aku la ko ni
    b4 fly pon aku try taste mende ni
    ngn family aku r kt pyramid


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