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KLCC + Aquaria with half of Denverians

It is not common for others to ask me to go out in a group, so if I have a chance, I'd try my best to come along
Irshaad suddenly called me and asked me to join to go to KLCC on Tuesday, 14th July
I guess it is not really planned; just a sudden thought of going out, since Raja from Sabak Bernam came, we need to celebrate his days in KL :p

Naqib and I went to Wisma MCA first to take our completed passport with VISA. Yay!
After that, all of us gathered at KLCC, at the pond with the fountain

We didn't plan on doing anything yet, until someone suggested to go to Aquaria, since not all of us had been there. At least nobody objected :)

Like always, uploading photos is easier than to narrate everything in this post
Here we go!~

Before we're going in~

Adam's Canon Ixus 80 IS, which is same as mine

They never let go the opportunities to take picture at escalator

We're having some drinks before going in

Now, into the Aquaria! :D

Raja's attempt to touch a fish. Way to go! :p

Khairi is disturbing the precious moments between these two belangkas (forget its name in English)

Sarah with the turtle, I'm sure that she really hopes that cows can swim

Everyone never seems to get enough of taking pictures

The sweet Khairi and the cute Irshaad

This picture is dedicated to Adam for his post :D

Khairi is in almost every of my pictures, did you realize?

Khairi did well in seducing a big lips fish

These girls really love to pose on every picture

After that, we all went (in other word, we are forced) to the souvenir shop

Raja didn't know how to make the right expression when he is bitten by a shark

Raja should learn from Irshaad :D

Since there is a promotion on fish therapy (RM15 only if you bring the resit of paying for Aquaria ticket), I decided to try it~Irshaad and Naqib tagged along~

The fishes really tickles your feet and make you wanna laugh out loud

After we had our lunch, we took a walk at the KLCC park

One of the typical pictures when at the KLCC

At least this one is during the sunset :D

One of the memories of going out together before fly that we made (eventhough 9/10 of us are going to Wisconsin :p)
Thanx guys! :D :D :D


  1. assalamualaikum zaf,lame nye x dengar cite..ape kabar kamu???

  2. waalaikumsalam...

    sori lambat reply, aku menghadiri kem kat batang kali sampai hari nie :D

    alhamdulillah sihat...

    ko sihat x?hehe


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