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Being Emotionally Dependant

Suddenly I remembered something about my past, an unforgettable one
It is about myself, when I was in secondary school

I never had a real friend back then, and I wasn't in good term with my family
So I really needed someone whom I can share my feelings, whether it is a boy or a girl, as long there is anyone
I used to trust everybody, so whenever there is a chance, I always told them about my problems
The agony of sadness at that time, I remember it until now
This trait of mine goes on until I was in INTEC, or specifically, until when I loose a friend, a great one
I realized then how much I depend on others; without even give myself a second to think for myself
How ludicrous I was

Every time I had a problem, I never thought that I can solve it myself
I don't know why my mind set is like that
Now that I think back again, I just want to smack something for how pathetic I was

When these memories run through my mind, there is something that struck me, but I don't know how to describe it

Lately, there is a question that had been lingering in my mind
"When we have a problem, is it best to just keep it to ourselves, or tell the others?"

When we keep it to ourselves, it is good since we don't want to make things harder for others
and maybe we can solve it by ourselves
But what if the problems that we keep inside become a burden that keep us down the whole time?

When we tell others, maybe the person can help us to overcome the problem, and it made us feels better since we don't have to keep it alone
But, it is not nice if we burden others by telling other our problems
Since they also might have personal problems that they want to settle

My opinion is that we shouldn't be too extreme to either one of it or both
Don't keep all our problems inside, but in the same time, don't tell all our problem to everyone

Guess what? Allah is always there for us
Only we, rarely remember Him and forget that He will always listen to our plead
Don't forget to tell Him first before we tell the others, because He always miss the voice of His servants

Du'a is the weapon of mukminun

(Sorry for the kinda-distorted post; it comes straight from my heart)

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  1. Straight from ur heart,
    that reflects who you really are.
    Sometimes keeping the problems to ourselves is better because we can't rely our friends all the times since they also have their own problems~

  2. *like seribu kali*

    post ni mcm, layan3...
    tp part last2 tu, meremindkan aku bnde yg aku slalu x ingt.. :)

    tq for the reminder at the end of the post.

  3. Anon - yeah I know...that's what this post is for. I started to understand myself better :)

    mashi - aku kurang faham aa mashi..huhu

  4. pendek kate, aku suke part2 last post ni. :)

  5. to anon again - I understand why it is better to keep the problems to ourselves. My opinion is that we should try to settle our problems first. Once it gets to hard for us to overcome, then we seek help from those who can really help, not just anybody. I know from what I'd done, it is not right to tell every single person about our problems.. but we need to seek help from Allah first! :)

    remember surah al-Fatihah verse 5~

  6. wey,ko put my dilemma in perfect words..dunno y,tp thnx.ko wat aku rasa tak aku rasa mmg habit aku kot xcite kat org..xcept ble aku da reach breaking point..huhu..
    papehal nk ckap dgn aku,orait je.u knw my num ayte?((spe sruh pki maxis)) XP

  7. huhu...ini la post yg ko nak tunjukkan kan aku yea? mantap...

    mmg kene amalkan kesederhanaan dalam apa jua pon yg kita buat...termasuk la apa yg ko citer kat part2 last post nih...

    masalahnya, kita susah nak taw; dekat mana titik tengah sesuatu itu? macam mana nak bersederhana kalau tak taw mana titik tengah sesuatu?

    fikir2 kan la...

  8. sneakers -sapekah ko wahai sneakers?hehe. yati kah? well ur welkam..x sangke lak post aku ader effect kat orang.huhu

    adam - nie bukan post nyer adam...ader lagi lain..hehe.kte tak tau titik tengah (midpoint) kte tau kat maner dier dah jd extreme kan? so kalau x jumper titik tgh, aper yg kte bley wat ialah jauhi drpd extreme sgt~


  9. as for me, i luv telling others my problem. bkan utk diorg solve. stkt jdi pndgr je.

    i luv the feeling dat someone cares. someone listens. :)

    bile tau ade org sntiase ngn aisya, aisya tau. prob besa pn seems like a small prob.

    tapi mmg not all la. ^^ hee.

  10. zafree pun camtu gak aisya..

    muler2 dlu zafree setakat citer jer..pastu lamer2 dah jd mcm 'passing on the problems to others'...

    tu aa yg silap nyer..

    tp mmg best biler citer kat orang, sbb kadang2 prob tu mcm besar bg kte, biler orang lain tgk, dier bley tolong kecikkan

    macam raihan slalu tolong

    thanx for your thoughts aisya!

  11. u shud knw wat kasut i like to wear by now.klu x,aku campak msuk great lake..huhu~
    nasihat miss asma kat aku utk ko "never underestimate urself"

  12. aku x pnah pandang kasut orang...baik pandang atas


    ok, i'll take that as a message ;)


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