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#1 Things Will Not Always Go According to Plan


It had been one week since I last updating my blog
This short holiday was meant to be filled with activity, so I touched my laptop less :p
I really wanted to create some posts, but defrag-ging my laptop took about 36 hours ++

Without further ado, here are the things that I did last week :)


Actually I was supposed to drive the car until Tampin, but unfortunately there was something wrong with my car that I couldn't start the engine :'(

We got stuck at Hentian Sebelah Senawang for about 5 hours --
30 minutes waiting for the PLUS, 1 hour waiting for my father to come with his mechanic from Shah Alam (he makes me wanna cry :'( ), 3 hours waiting for them to check the car

While we were waiting, Adam, Syazwan, Jo, Irshad, Zahira, Asri, Asila, and Yati already arrived at Adam's dusun eating durian :(

That's my father!

These are the 'lost'
Don't ever do these if you wanna get scolded by some men from the other side :p

Some people really don't know what to do to let time past
These 3 kiddo slept at the open surau
You can see soomebody is really sad because his PSP is with Syazwan
Pity him, wondering about his BLACK PSP

About 1630, my father called a tow truck to tow the car to Shah Alam, so I had to bring back his car (Volvo)
Since Adam and the others had already waiting at Seremban to give us some of the durian they collected (Thanks guys! :D) we decided to go to Adam's house
Bertuah punya anak

At least nobody forget how to smile :)

Behold! The purest and cutest smile of all!

Sorry for not asking your permission first :D

PSP can tighten the bond between two person :p

After Maghrib, we all went back to each other's house~
But I arrived at my house at 2300, since someone is too genius that he or she wanted to 'try' new way to go back home from Nilai
Well, at least nobody got hurt~


There's nothing much that I did, except for preparing for the VISA interview on the following day
Naqib and I go all over Shah Alam to complete our things for the interview
Owh, that morning, we went to Syazwan's house to give him his durian~

All of our preparations are complete~
So we just need to relax and wait for tomorrow!


There is so many things to write here so I will list them (I'm getting older and lazier :p)

1. Woke up at 0530
2. Preparing everything
3. Drive to Aisya's house
4. Yasmeen was really quite, maybe she was worried because her interview at 0740
5. Drive to Asia Jaya LRT Station
6. Depart at Ampang Park Station
7. Arrived at U.S. Embassy at 0800
8. The time allocated at the appointment letter was not that strict, Yasmeen felt better~
9. Met with other friends from INTEC

These are the steps for getting your VISA:
1. Hand in your I.D. card to the guard to get the pass to go into the embassy
2. Scan your body and bag for any dangerous things
3. Put all your metal item such as cellphone, camera, car key, Playstation Portable, Nintendo DS, etc with the guard and take a number to claim your items later
4. Walk to the embassy building
5. You will be scanned again
6. Take a number, at wait at the waiting room
7. Just keep waiting
8. When your number is called, go to the displayed counter
9. At the counter, give all the things that the person at the counter asked
10. Sit down, and wait for your number to be called again
11. When you are called, go to the counter for your fingerprint scanning
12.Sit down again, and wait
13. When your number is called, go to the counter for the interview
14. After your interview is done, just hear the instruction given to claim your VISA
15. Run for your life! Go home already

All of these took about 2 hours~

10. Have lunch at McD

11. Rush all the way to go back to Shah Alam
12. Drive all the way to Kajang to meet Raihan
13. Went to Mantin to meet Rayza
14. Drive to Nilai to fetch Alyaa for surprise birthday party
15. Drive to Giant Nilai
16. Have another lunch at KFC

Alyaa and Raihan

17. After had dropped everyone to where they belong, I drive back home~

It was a really tiring day...

Thursday and Friday

Nothing out of ordinary~
Only that my cat, Monie was operated so that she cannot gave birth

Shian dier...

That concludes what happened to me during last weekday~
Will spend more time to update my blog~
I took a long time to finish this post


  1. wow
    post petame yg panjang!!!
    teringat dlu2 mase bwat visa :p

  2. owh haah en ko pun mesti susah payah wat visa!

    ko mesti tunggu sekejap jer nk siap

  3. ehh tadelah..lame gak ah
    ko tggu 2 jam kan?
    same je =p

  4. maksud aku esoknyer ko dah bley amik kan?

    ak kena tunggu 2 minggu lagi


  5. oooo
    haah yep
    asal lame sgt tggu?

  6. x sure..

    sebab ader 'Muhammad' kowt


    td org embassy dah call aku

    aku dah bleh antar pasport esok~

  7. oooo btol2
    aritu ktorg pon ade yg kene thn gak x dpt lg
    sbb name muhammad
    apela us
    hahaha XD

  8. takut sgt ngan namer muhammad

    aku baik jer kot, aper yg berbahaya nyer aku nie :(


  9. haha
    aku TAKOT je ngn ko
    good luck ye~
    inform ah dlm blog bile nk fly nnt?

  10. apsal takot lak?? :p
    ok thanx!

  11. sajer jer wat2 cam real~~



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