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Modern Warfare 2

Seriously, I never played a first-person shooter (fps for short) game before. I can't even get right on Counter Strike. I was more exposed to role-playing game like Final Fantasy and Shin Megami Tensei series. Plus, I never played a game on PC, which is in my opinion has more fps than console games. Short, I am truly bad at fps games :(

The first fps game that caught my attention was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. At first, I thought the game was just a hype, that fanboys told everyone that the game is very awesome while it is not. But the reviews and sales proved that the game is not overly hyped. In, the game currently hold the score of 94, based on 67 critics review. In addition, just within one day, the game sold a total 4.7 million! That's just insane, I thought.

The cover art

But that was not enough reason for me to buy it at that time. I read reviews, and they said that the single player campaign is very short. I am not very used to playing online, so I don't even bother to try. But in December, a friend of mine persuaded me to buy it and give it a try. Lucky for him, that Gamestop store had a promotion for Modern Warfare 2 ($10 price cut). So i said "Why not?"

I didn't play it immediately though. I am still afraid to play the game online, so I finished the single player campaign first, twice (on regular and veteran). I tried to complete the Special Ops, but it just insanely hard to do it alone. So I gave up halfway (not even half actually). I tried to play online multiplayer, but it saddened me more when my average kill was only 2 per match. I gave up again :(

The game was just collecting dust for more than one month. At February, I mustered my courage and try to play it again. After playing it for many times, I get addicted to the game. This is my first time to be addicted to fps game. It is a nice experience, I must say.

I wanted to review the game, but I don't think I have enough experience to do it since this is my first time playing a fps. I don't know how to compare it to other fps game, so I'm afraid that I am being biased to the game. But it will never hurt to give my opinion to the game~

My opinions:

The first thing that caught my attention is the graphic, which is totally awesome. I was very skeptic at first because I thought multi-platform games don't really have a great graphic. Infinity Ward did well to surprise me. The environment is very beautiful and detailed, and the visual is very crisp.

Single player
I don't know how to give my opinions on this, but from the view of a person who played fps for the first time, I'd say it is still not very hard to get a grip. At first I am not very familiar to shoot enemies at distant (they are very far away, and I need to kill them, which I thought I can just ignore them :p). As I progressed, I became more familiar to the game. Beating the game on regular is still hard for me, and veteran difficulty really threw me out of the league. But the key is pure persistent~~But the campaign is just too short, you can finish it by evening if you play it since morning.

Playing online is not really my cup of tea. I am totally afraid that I am being called a noob by other players. At first, I died almost every time, which was really pulled away my motivation. But with pure persistent (again), I manage to get better and better. Right now, I am totally enjoying the game :)

Wondering what Noob Tube is? You just have to play the game :p

First, this game break the wall that prevent me from liking the game and also fps. Second, it also motivates me to play online more, and connecting with other players online. Third, the game improve my spacial attention and put my reflexes at the edge. I love the last reason, since it is also proved by C. Shawn Green and Daphne Bavelier, from University of Rochester, who conducted the experiments in 2003. I have the article in my Video Game course~~

There are no reason for me to hate the game. But the game is not really single-player friendly, so don't buy the game expecting for single player campaign only. The game is truly meant for multiplayer, where the game shine the most.

This game is one bad drug for me earlier. It just made me craving to play more. In fact, I thought of buying Battlefield: Bad Company, just to try another fps shooter. You can read the review here.

Sorry for the lack of screenshot. Well you can just search it in the Google for more better images~

After this I will make a post on two games simultaneously, Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations and Heavy Rain. The games have a similarity, which is enough reason for me to talk about them at a same time~ But don't expect it to be on the next post. Maybe it will be on weekend, or when I have free times like now. Alright, off to assignments~What? It contradicts with what I just said?


  1. Welcome aboard to MW2.

    Here, being stingy as I am to buy the genuine tried to bypass steam and infinity ward every time they patched the game.

    Now I'm still stuck at lv43. -_-"

    Thumbs up for the blockbuster campaign.

    Looking forward to Bad Company 2. Hehe

  2. But you know, I'm just thinking "What if Battlefield is better than MW2?"

    Maybe I'm going to buy it as soon as possible

    Damn, I'm just too addicted to great games XD


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