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Just Some Babbling About Games

I am finished with Final Fantasy XIII! Well, story-wise only though. I really wanted to express my opinions for the game, but I need to finish the game completely and go in-depth so that I won't be doing a biased review~ On my way to Platinum!

I am still thinking of buying Resonance of Fate, but with the mixed reviews from critics, I think I'll buy it when I don't have anymore games to play. I wonder if that day will ever come.

I just received Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey last week, and it is a pretty great game. The game is full of serious tone, way much different from Persona series. But it doesn't stop me from playing. The battle is haaaard, real hard. You can die easily even at some early point in the game. The gameplay is can be easily related to Pokemon, but this time you "negotiate" instead of "catch", and you are dealing with serious "demons", not just some cute "monster". The best part is Demon Fusing, where you can fuse two demons resulting to a higher level demon. Just think of it like Digimon World 2's DNA Digivolve.

I haven't played Modern Warfare 2 for a while, and so Bad Company 2 too. I am just more interested in RPGs than FPS. Maybe I'll play it real later, like summer break.

Luckily, the month of April doesn't really has many interesting titles coming up, at least for me. So I can spent my money on other useful things. Erm, how do you define "useful'?

Though not directly related to games, I ordered an item last Sunday, and it has already arrived today. I'll tell about the item later, after I have buy all the necessary accessories~

Okay, the thought of going to E3 is just impossible. How can I pay $500 just to go to the exhibition??!! Well maybe next year, and hopefully it will be an open event this time. So sad


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