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Usually for an RPG, it is expected that all of its main characters to be deeply involved with its player. Earlier Final Fantasy series had done a great job doing that, but in case with Final Fantasy XIII, it is kinda disappointing. Not that the characters do not have detailed in-depth for them, but as a Final Fantasy fan like myself, I'd expected more. Unlike Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy X, I didn't feel any deep connection between me and the characters in Final Fantasy XIII. But at least the characters are interesting though, but not as much as I felt before.

Plus, side characters are not given any details this time, and that is a shame. Almost all side characters are seen in one dimension, and it makes the game kinda lifeless than usual. Don't get me wrong, the game is still great but when compared it with previous installment, it does not live up to the minimum bar that the series retained.

Like for example, Lebreau is one of the characters that I wish that has more appearance. The problem with Final Fantasy XIII is that the focus is too much on main characters, but it is still not enough. Then, the side characters get less appearance than they should. Nevertheless, the character design are still magnificent.

Side note :-

I wish there is more of Lebreau :(

She defines what hotness is~

Just from my point of view and opinion~

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  1. i blame the xbox360 for the under-polished game. since they have to make another version for the 360, they also have to consider the limitations of the system and the storage media of that console, hence limiting the contents of the game. FFXIII already requires 3 dual layer DVDs totaling in a whopping 18.3GB (The PS3 version is 38GB, btw) imagine if they decided to put the whole game out. how much 360 discs will there be? 7? 8? at most, the ps3 will require 2 discs, or a single double layer blu-ray. come on, you know there are more contents to this game that they had to remove. they have been making these games for over a decade, we know what's missing.


  2. syahir - aku nak Lebreau jugak

    rayza - yang penting storyline dier memang mengecewakan aa


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