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Will Be Praying, A Lot

Hello guys! So how was your first day of fasting? Make sure we all make the best out of this Ramadhan :)

Today's post is just another journal or diary-like post. Just feel like writing what have been kept in my heart hehe.


On Saturday, I went to iCity with Irshaad, Hazlin and Hazlin's sister. The two girls were so quite, so it was kinda awkward for me haha. iCity is beautiful and fascinating, but there aren't that many activities that you can do there. There are some games you can play to win prizes (mostly are teddy bears or teddy dragon), Snowalk, reptiles display, taking pictures with birds, and of course the LED-lighted trees. But I, on the other hand, spent my time at the arcade, playing the dance game (my favorite!). I don't remember what was the name of the game, but it is almost similar to Dance Dance Revolution, except that it has all the diagonal and a center button instead of all four basic directional button.

Love the green light

I guess I'm the only one playing this game

The next day, I went to Low Yatt, searching for an item that I want to buy, but in the end I didn't get anything. The only thing I experienced was the slow traffic and drivers who can't tolerate and very, very rude. Nah, it's just a normal day in KL, I suppose.

The only picture taken that day


When I tried to access my friends' blog, I realized that some of them are either have been long forgotten by the owner or it has been open only to invited readers only. I don't know if that's the trend now, but I can see some of my friends have moved on from blogging. Or maybe they have another blog that is unknown to others.

I have another blog (as you can see in the sidebar) but I made it a private blog recently. Not because there are secrets I want to keep, it's just I want to restrain myself from writing overly emotional post haha. It's not really good for my mood, as I always over thinking things, and like to indulge in my sadness the more I think about it. By writing something emotional or sad, it means I subconsciously want to indulge in the problems, but not solving it. I did an experiment to myself once, and I concluded that writing sad things that happened don't make me feel better actually. Maybe most of you already realized this a long time ago lol.


When you know someone has the same problem as you are, you'll do your best to support them. I learned that a person I know is having the same problem that I had last year. I really, really want to support that person, but I really afraid that I am being a busybody, as I tend to get over worried.

If you are reading this, I want you to know that I'm behind you no matter what path you may choose. I'm praying that everything will turn out right for you.


Sometimes, I thought I am alright. But I still had dreams about you, and it brings tears to my eyes every time. I don't even know how should I feel right now. But doesn't mean my days should be a disappointing one. If I can't be happy now, how can I be happy when I have more? :)

And it's really hard to hold my desire to reach you. Just have to bear with it, ya?


I just finished Resistance Fall of Man on Saturday, and finished Bioshock 2 on Sunday. I still have some backlog to finish, but I really don't feel like playing games right now. Like yesterday, I tried to play Resistance 2, but I just didn't have the right mood. So I just played Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, but only for a short time.

I bought Catherine last week, but still haven't played it too. I have this dilemma of playing new games sometimes. Afraid that I will love the game sooo much that I will finish it as soon as possible and there will be no more games to play. Weird reasoning, eh?

I wish there are more games like Persona 3/Persona 4; games that I can spend 80+ hours naturally. Maybe I should take a look at PSN store if there any good RPG games. Thinking of getting The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky~

This game

I made some progress in Ocarina of Time, but I'm taking it slowly.

Link is finally an adult


Hopefully I can maintain working out everyday. I want to lose some weight! It went well yesterday, and I proved myself that doing work out during Ramadhan isn't as tiring as I would think. 30 minutes per day would be enough  :)



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