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Girlfriend Got Bored and Dumped His Boyfriend

Of course, when you were reading at this title it just a normal thing. But to me, the inside story is what matter~and why I decided to put the story in my blog? You'll find out~

Every girlfriend want to get attention from her boyfriend, and you can't deny that. Usually, women can withstand the "unintentional test" that men gives them, such as always late, not giving them much attention and many more. But for Kim Sears, she had enough when her boyfriend had abandoned her for something else. Two interesting facts here: 1. Her boyfriend is Andy Murray, ranked world No. 4 tennis player. 2. The reason for getting dumped? He play Playstation 3 too much! Owh, and they begin their relationship since September 2005.

The reason for this long happy couple breaking up is...

That is the fact~She just got so fed up with him and decided to dump him. But of course, this can lead into an endless argument about choosing either your girlfriend or PS3. There is too much opinion that I can give from different perspective, but I want to hear from you readers! Please do give a comment~Thanks!

...this guy over here?


  1. hahaha i want to respond with the video i sent to you in facebook. it is totally agreed upon her.

  2. For me, we have to divide time for both hobbies and life. But overall I think it's more important for us to live life, although I know a PS3 won't disappoint you like people can but PS3 is an item and an item should never be more valuable then a person.

    this guy should learn to play moderately. i'm a heavy gamer too but to play so excessively that it affects people around you is too much.

  3. raihan - maybe I'll put that video here later~thanx!

    rayza - yup, girlfriend is a person and ps3 is an item, so it should not be treated the same way. Games are virtual, girls are real. We can play games, but should never neglect people around us~thanx too!

  4. PS3 has no game, the guy is unwise.

    Makes me wonder HOW can he play too much games. Thats just sad.


  5. no games?

    stop spamming fanboy.


  6. kai - ps3 does has a lot of games by this year, and there are a lot of titles will be coming by next year (there are also multi-platform games). From what I read, Andy Murray play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 too much, in my opinion I can understand

    z - I believe that there are no fanboys here~just different opinions

  7. game-addicted gile org tuu..ahhahaa.wlupon ak stuju yg die leh dpt mane2 pompuan dgn sngnye (#4 tennis player tuu)

    tapi ethically speaking, tuu satu langkah yg bodoh jgak arr. jgn brkekalan smpai ke tua sudah lee..

    mari link blog jom!

  8. I'm a fanboy, O-mee-gawsh!!
    Wait, what is fanboy?

    The reason it has multiplatform games gives it a problem. Why buy a PS3 when you have a computer/Xbox360 to play it anyway?


  9. shafiq - main game nie jangan sampai jadi addiction melampau sudah kan~haha. but don't choose it over our real live

    kai - Well I do agree with you kai. Let see this problem from both side (only short explanations).

    Why multi-platform?
    Usually the multiplatform game will give more profit to the developer, which is usually the third party developer (Ubisoft, Activision to name some). And of course they don't want people to get angry if they make game for certain console.
    But this make the games to not achieve their full potential because the developer want to make it easy to port the games among consoles.

    Why exclusive game?
    The first party developer (Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games for Sony, Bungie and Epic Games for Microsoft), of course, will go for exclusive games. In order to promote their respective console (ps3 and 360), exclusive games are the wise idea, and they can develop the game to its full potential.

    I think that's all I can say for now. Do correct me if I say something wrong, or if you want to add something, please do.


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