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Consoles Updated

The facts:

Sony just reported that 440 000 PS3's were sold during the Thanksgiving week. It is nearly quadruple Thanksgiving 2008. That is a good news for Sony.

Compared to Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 still lost by 110 000 units during the week, but it decreases by 31.75% compared to last year's Thanksgiving.

Xbox 360? Still no news from Microsoft.

(For more info visit here and here)

My opinion:

I am no fanboy of Sony by all means, but I prefer Sony among other consoles. I have a Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3, but I got no Xbox 360. That doesn't mean that I resent toward 360, it just that having PS3 is enough for me. Maybe I just wait if my housemates-to-be will buy one~ But I don't think I have any 360 exclusives that I want to play. I'm fine with PS3 exclusives.

In my own experiences, I rarely played Wii (it has been about 2 month since I last played). Wii is just not suitable for a gamer like myself. I refuse to swing my arms often and stand up just to play games. I rather seat and just holding the normal controller. If I want to move around, going to gym is better, or at least play Dance Dance Revolution. Furthermore, there are less hardcore games for Wii. I think it is more suitable for kids and family, and that is the problem since I'm not living with any kids or families here (unless someone wants to make a family and have kids here in Madison)

Ps3 is great, and I wouldn't want to compare it with PC. Since I don't know much about PC's and its hardware, I wouldn't bother getting a gaming PC. I'm not an owner of 360, so it would be reckless for me to compare it with PS3. I don't even have slightest experiences with 360. As the time I am writing this post, I am very satisfied with my PS3. With its terrific graphic, many awesome games, and great online services, how can I say no to PS3? I love it just how I love my PSone and PS2.

I think Wii is not suitable for a gamer like me. As I play too much M-rated (mature) games, I feel like playing a more relaxing games, but not Wii games. They are just too tiring. Thinking about swinging my arms around make me feel lazy. PS3 has family games also like Singstar, Band Hero and Little Big Planet. I prefer playing this games rather than tiring my body.

Well, most families nowadays have Wii. Wii has sold more than 56 million units by the end of September. Maybe that's why it sold less this year, but who knows~

It's a good thing that the PS3 had gained it momentum after years of hardship. The price drop really make a big differences.

Bring it on, the console war! :p


  1. A little off topic, Guys... I have a question. Last weekend I played at this site:
    [url=] - Wii Live Tournaments[/url]
    They say you can play online Fight Night game tournaments on any console for cash... had anyone tried that before? Looks like a cool idea...
    Are there any other sites where you can play sports games for real moneys? I Googled and found only and but it looks these guys don't specialize in sport gamez. Any suggestions?

  2. A little off topic, Guys... I have a question. Today I discovered this site:
    [url=] - Xbox tournaments for money[/url]
    They say you can play online EA sports game tournaments on any console for cash... had anyone tried that before? Looks like a cool idea...
    Are there any other sites where you can play sports games for real moneys? I Googled and found only and but it looks these guys don't specialize in sport gamez. Any suggestions?

  3. well, I never tried any of those sites, and I never thought it even exist! Thanks for bringing it up.

    I have signed up for the and I'll try it first. I had searched the google too but I can't find any other games. I'll post it in my blog if I ever found any. Sorry that I couldn't help~

  4. Wii permainan org comel mcm aku laa

  5. tapi hari tu dtg xde pun cakap nak main~

  6. bizi kot sumorg nak spend time ngn aku. little big planet pun sedih je aku spend only 3 levels with it.

  7. Wii-tards; that's what we call them. not that we hate the Wii it's just that the Wii hasn't really revolutionized gaming as it claims to be rather just having gimmicks that works some time. The 360 is a great console for any kind of online play because the community is huge but that also means it has a lot of jerks. Their exclusives are mostly M rated titles which doesn't cater to a bigger market and their best titles are FPS which are pretty redundant nowadays. I got to admit, the Fat PS3 didn't sell all that well because it was pretty darn expensive and the glossy surface makes it a finger print magnet. But the ps3 slim changes the tide. They now have the better console and better exclusives. Owh and another thing, the hard drive upgrade for ps3, you can use any hdd out there while the 360 will require you to buy an expensive proprietary hdd and not to mention the ps3's PSN is free of charge.

    I agree with you. With the current situation, ps3 is the wiser console to own.

  8. always waiting for you to comment~

    Wii is considered by families to be more user friendly and has family oriented games, that's why it is popular. But to a more hardcore gamer, you'll maybe find your Wii covered in dust because you got no child or parents to play with and your friends love CoD and FIFA (or PES) more than Wii Sports Resort. Swinging your arms everyday is not something a student like me would do.

    I got no experiences with Xbox 360, so I don't want to say much. But what does Xbox Live has to offer compared to PSN? I have no problems with PSN, so why do I see people bragging about XBL is better than PSN? It just one of the things that I want to know~Don't forget Red Ring of Death that made people to sent their 360's back. But some people aren't really bothered since they really love 360. I guess nothing wrong with that once you love what you have.

    Fat PS3 design doesn't interest me, but PS3 slim does. Another thing is that during the past years, PS3 doesn't have much exclusives titles to compare with 360. Not until Metal Gear Solid 4 and Little Big Planet came out during last year that PS3 started to get attention. This year, there are more PS3 exclusives coming out. Let people say what they want, but there is not a single thing that I want to complaint with my PS3.

    But then it's all up to what people want~if they want exclusives from 360, they need to get 360. The same goes for PS3 and Wii. But in my opinion, it's the same as yours. PS3 is the best choice.

    I'm selling my Wii to a friend~I'll just stay with PS3

  9. XBL is better than PSN because the community is huge. There are always people playing all the time. And it also got better connectivity since Microsoft uses their own servers to host XBL therefore lags are little. Red Ring of Death is reported to happen to people who switch on their machines for a very long stretch of time. People who play them casually had no problem, although that is no excuse to make the console has >30% failure rate which is just staggering compared to the (Fat) PS3 that has around 2% failure rate. Also, the XBL is filled with rednecks. So it's not really all that fun for people outside of the States.

  10. Though XBL does has the biggest online community, it won't do much for people like me who doesn't really care about online community. I just enjoyed the games~

    I think the rate failure of PS3 is 10% according to gameinformer. Just want to make that accurate.

    Whatever it is, I stay with my PS3. But I never resent Xbox 360, it is a great console after all, right? ;) Thanks for the info!

  11. Play fatal frame 4 for the Wii.

    Oh, waaiiiiiiiiiiiittt.. its only for japanese i think, gotta check that out first.



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