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Recent Games In Memory: PS Vita

This is the latest console that I bought, but sadly there aren't that many great games compared to PS3 and 3DS. Nevertheless, I still love this bad boy here and it serves me well. I just wish it could get better games, as it truly deserve it. Sony really need to support their portables better, and not repeating the mistake that they did with PSP. Here are the games that I played recently that totally worth mentioning.


I'm a sucker for rhythm games. DJMAX is made by Korean developer, so most of its songs are in Korean. The gameplay is simple enough, with the use of both touch screen and rear pad. Just touch the icons whenever the bar intercepts the icon. You'll understand once you see it in action.

Zapping factor: ****
Touching your PS Vita never feels this good.

Cytus Lambda

Another rhythm games in PS Vita, I just downloaded the free version, but man I really love their songs. This one is from a Japanese developer, and I am more into J-Pop instead of K-Pop (just a personal preference). I would like to buy the full version someday.

Zapping factor: ****
At this point, your PS Vita might lose its dignity after having been touched so much.

Lone Survivor The Director's Cut

A game that really, really touches your senses and mind where it scares you. I only played this for a little bit, but damn it is scary. Just played for around an hour, probably will start again sometime soon.

Zapping factor: ***-
Too scary for me to play it again.

Stealth Inc. A Clone In The Dark

Also know as Stealth Bastard on PC, this is a puzzle game with many 'motivational' comments whenever you failed. Somewhere along the line "did you get the hint?", "did you use your brain?" and such. I stuck on this one level, and I spent around an hour to only that level before I decided that it is not worth it. I'll probably look into a video walkthrough later. A good game nonetheless.

Zapping Factor: ***-
Damn that stupid level.

Soul Sacrifice

A game made by the legendary developer Keiji Inafune (the creator of Megaman), I personally couldn't like this game. It is more fun if played with friends, but sadly only a few of my friends own PS Vita. Inspired by Monster Hunter style of gameplay, this game innovate a few things but I just couldn't play it long enough. But punching a big bird in the face is never dull and always satisfying.

Zapping Factor: **--
Too repetitive for my own taste

Dragon's Crown

A side-scroller, which I thought I could enjoy, but I was wrong. The characters, the enemies and the backgrounds are beautifully drawn, but I guess pretty graphics wouldn't save a game where the gameplay fell short. But many will disagree with me, as I've read that many do enjoy this game. You might want to read and watch reviews first before deciding on whether to buy it or not.

Zapping Factor: **--
I swear I bought it for gameplay, not anything else

The Walking Dead First Season

I played the first episode on PS3, but I only have up until the second episode. There was a promotion for the PS Vita version, so I bought the whole first season. I couldn't comment more until I played until the end, but it is an emotional ride. It centers on the ex-convict Lee Everett, trying to survive the harsh world with Clementine, who he rescued from her house. In this world, everyone turned into zombies, so you can guess the bleak situation. This game has dialogue trees, and what you say and your actions will determine who'll live or not. You'll bear the consequences until the game ends.

Zapping Factor: ***-
A zombie game where killing zombies is not your priority

Sound Shapes

This game is short, but it is beautiful. A game that you need to wear earphones or headphones in order to appreciate it. It is a music game, but not a rhythm game. You control this tiny cute orb, and in each stage you'll collect music notes that will continue to play according to the tempo. It also allows users to create their own levels and upload it so that everyone else can play. I tried making a level, but I guess I am just suck in level design *sobs*

Zapping Factor: ****
The serenity of playing this game... 

Surge Deluxe

Just bought this one a few days ago. It is inspired by the match-3-blocks-to-make-it-disappear style (which you'll probably familiar with your games on your smartphones) but of course, with it own twists. It is surprisingly addictive and fun.

Zapping Factor: ***-
It is literally zapping across the screen.

***My Top Three***

Hotline Miami

This game, is awesome. Pure awesomeness. It's hard for me to explain it, but you really need to play it. It is about this one guy who received calls to do some dirty jobs. The premise is simple, but it is well-made and fun. You control that dude from a top view, and then kill some other dudes. You are given some masks that give you different perks (more ammo, make dogs friendly, kill enemies using doors and more), and you are rewarded with more masks as you complete more missions. What makes it unique is that you will die in just ONE hit, and so does the enemies. You'll die so many times but that will not make you stop playing because it is just so fun, and the game restarts in just a blink of an eye. It is available on PC and PS3.

Zapping Factor: ****
You'll see dead bodies everywhere, even your own sometimes.


This one is a platforming game with Mexican themes. You'll play as Juan, a normal and average dude turned into a luchador (wrestlers) after he died by the hand of a villain who kidnapped his love of a heart. The environment is colorful, combats are fun (punching skeletons everywhere with wrestling moves!) and the platforming are challenging. It also smartly integrate the fighting skills to be used in platforming sections. For example, Rooster Uppercut will double as double jump (haha get it?) to take your to a higher platform otherwise unreachable by normal jump. This is the best game designed for PS Vita, and it is top-notch. If you have a PS3, you can play this with your friend. 

Zapping factor: ****
Piledriving skeletons everywhere.

Persona 4 Golden

"If you have a PS Vita, you need to play this". That's the phrase that you will read a lot if you ask people to recommend any games for the PS Vita. But it is for good reasons. Persona 4 Golden is an enhanced version for the already excellent Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4, released on PS2 back in 2008. I really love Persona 4, and I love Persona 4 Golden even more. It can be said as a dungeon-crawling plus high school dating-sim meet detective story finding the murderer. But that still doesn't explain it well. Persona 4 Golden is day-based game, where you can only do limited activities for a certain day and manage time to build relationships and solving crime. It may seem like a jumbled mess (it is), but it is surprisingly put well into places. This is not a game that you can play without dedicating a few hours for every session. I took almost 100 hours before I get the True Ending, and there's no dull moments that I can think of. Every character has their personality and they are there for you to engross with their pasts and feelings. You'll love the characters, from the shy and preserved Yukiko, to the outgoing and always-cheerful Chie, and to the annoying but lovable Teddie. You really need to play this game.

Zapping Factor: ****
Need a reason to buy a PS Vita? This is it.


  1. I wanna play Dragon's Crown!

  2. Download la the PS3 version! hehe

  3. Free ke :Y ?
    Regardless, dunno if I can from Malaysia. Would take ages thou.


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