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Last Year

Every year is a very blessed year for me, and 2013 is not an exception. To reminisce all the blessings won't be enough here, but here are some of my outstanding experiences of this year.


1. First time in getting almost all A's for an academic semester.
I didn't expect a lot from last semester, but Alhamdulillah I managed to get CGPA of 3.94, with Pembangunan Diri II the only non-A (I got B+). Whether I can repeat the same achievement for this semester is another story. Getting A in all subjects is not the goal. My goal is to answer every question correctly, insyaAllah.

2. Third place in a national-level competition
Just go look at my current Facebook profile cover. It was the biggest accomplishment by far since I entered UKM. Definitely one of the sweetest moments, with my teammates Kinanda and Rafsan.

3. Getting a hurdle in studying
This semester, I always got headache for no apparent reasons. It disturbed my flow of studying, that I spend my day more on resting instead of studying. Usually, I can study from 10am to 12:05am everyday without too much resting. Due to the headache, I only can study around an hour before my brain starts to refuse to absorb anymore information. So I didn't go to library as much as I did during last semester. The headaches were not severe, but it did hinder my concentration in studying.

But from this, a lot of my friends showed their concerns to me, by advising me to have a lot of rest. They said I overworked and pushed myself too hard (though I don't really feel that way), so thank you for the concerns. I truly appreciate it.

4. Kem Pemantapan Akademik
It was an event organized by our lecturers in PPSM. We, the students, didn't have to pay a thing for it, and it was so much fun. I was happy because I got to know how my friends and lecturers appreciate my efforts in helping others in studying. But sadly, I stopped lending my hand after the frequent headaches started to come. It's not that I don't want to, I just couldn't do it for that period of time. Suddenly I feel bad about this.

Anyway, I hope there will be more events like this, where lecturers hear the problems directly from students. Also, free foods and vacation!

5. No more direct blaming to video games
All these years, people will always blame my habit of gaming for my failures. Some even want me to throw away all my consoles and games. I'm glad that I got to change their opinions on that. See, it's not that I didn't go to classes because I want to play games. I play games because I want to forget about all the stresses and sadness.

But that's all in the past now. I still play games from time to time, if I have the chances. I learned to prioritize.

6. Started to teach programming in UIA
Dr. Maziah, one of the lecturer in Kuliyyah of ICT in UIA, wanted to do classes to train young minds in programming. I was recommended by Pn. Marini to be part of the program and to teach the kids. It brings me a lot of joy to teach Mathematics and programming skills to the kids. It is one of the way for me to contribute back to the society, and I hope I can keep contributing in a way that will give a big impact. Slowly, but surely.

7. Started to develop a habit of reading.
As an avid gamer, I usually spend my free time with playing games. But this year, I tried to pick up a few books to read. I haven't finished most of the books, but it is definitely a good start for me. Among the books that I read are Outliers, The Five People You Meet In Heaven, The Hunger Games, and many more. Hopefully the spirit of reading in me will never die.

8. Great friends and bonds that were created
Without a doubt, I spent most of my time with Faris and Noorel. Faris is not your average guy, he is crazy about Math and... stuffs. You know, he IS weird, and that alone already explains a lot about him. His past is almost the same as mine: we both studied overseas, had a few problems there, and decided to drop out. By a strange thread of fate, here we are continuing out studies in UKM. I believe, this is not just a mere coincidence, and God put some responsibilities for us to fulfill. But I'm glad he is always around for me to tell my problems. He and Pieka.

Noorel is the best studying partner in the not-so-normal way. We usually study by arguing a lot, to see who can correct the mistakes of the other person the most. Hey, it is hard to find someone who is willing to argue with me in Math. That's why I appreciate his existence.

Another one of my beloved friend, Azyan, is my best studying partner at the normal end of the spectrum. She is one of the people who can stand my weird behavior during studying. Unlike Noorel and Faris, she's not in the level where you can call her a "genius", but I always admire her hardwork and tenacity in studying. She knows that she has a lot to improve, and she did all she can to make sure she can catch up. In one way or another, intentionally or not, she always motivates me.

To Liza, thank you for all the memories made. I wish I can type longer here but I know you will get embarrassed by it haha. 22nd and 23rd of December were one of my happiest and funniest (and random) moments with you. Again, thank you for appearing in my life.

9. "It was supposed to be..."
2013 is special, because it was supposed to be my year of graduation, if my studies and life back in US went well. But I never regret my decision to drop out and continue studying in Malaysia. Firstly, it gave me time to think about what I really want to do in my life. I got to see beyond just graduating. Second, it taught me the joy of being able to study. It's hard to describe this, but I only know it when I thought I won't be able to study for anything anymore. That's why I appreciate this second (third) chance and will not let it goes to waste.

I'm happy to see most of my friends of the same batch graduation picture, as it motivates me to do my best too. I wish for the best of you guys.


2013 has passed, and 2014 has arrived. May Allah grants us a better year.


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