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Update #1

From this moment until tomorrow (2/21), I will be updating three things about myself. So this weekend will be have the most post in this month~

My Academics


I will have the first midterm exam for Astronomy this coming Monday. About this subject, I think I have some difficulties with it. First of all, it is mostly based on your reading, where my weakness lies. I am not really into reading, not because it is hard, but I have trouble to start reading. Astronomy shouldn't be that easy, but if I dedicate myself more towards reading, then I believe I can succeed. I also not really good in sciences (except physics where I can relate and apply it more easily), but it is not an excuse for me to not perform well in science related courses. It is still not too late for me to realize this, so I am going to work harder for this subject :)

This book proves to me that Astronomy shouldn't be taken lightly

Intro to Cultures of Asia

Since this is also a reading based course, I admit I have some-to-mid trouble with adapting to this course. My comment on this subject is the same as astronomy; I need to focus more on reading~

Why there are a lot of books to read...These are only two of them :'(

Calculus 3

From what I have learnt until today, I can safely conclude that Cal 3 is easier than Cal 2. But applying it is a different story. It mostly use graph, which is my (can be) fatal weakness in Mathematics :( But that is still not a good reason for me if I get lower marks. To tell you truth, I didn't even come to even half of the lectures, but I still manage to solve everything in the midterm exam (except for one question, where it is related to Cal 2 that I barely remember). Doing all the homework every week really helped me a lot. I still enjoyed this class, but not as much as Cal 1 and Cal 2, or even additional mathematics. Nevertheless, learning Calculus (or Mathematics) is never dull for me.

This week's homework is only one chapter~~

Intro to Psychology

Failing in last semester class is a blessing to me. I managed to understand more, a lot more than last semester's. Now I can proudly say that I am totally enjoy enjoying this class. A friend of mine in Video Game course, who majoring in Psychology, said that Intro to Psychology is the hardest among all the course, and that's make me feel better about myself~~ In the first midterm exam, I scored 44/75, which is kinda a big improvement to me. Last year's failing grade was 37, and this semester's is 33, and I believe that this semester's paper is harder. I'm going to strive for higher marks for next midterm :)

I won't sell this book even after I graduate because I love it~

Video Games and Learning

The first paper was already sent more than a week ago, I had received my paper back. The paper is about my reaction towards the game that I played for one hour. I need to write what I had learn in the game and include Gee's principle in the paper. I managed to get 21/25 (B) for my paper, but we are given the chance to improve our paper. So I won't let this chance slip by just like that. This course has enlightened me to a different dimension of video games. Not only just looking at the fun part, we are also exposed to more deeper core of video games. It will be too long to mention here, but I think it is sufficient enough to say that this course is really meaningful to me in every way as a gamer

That is just some of what my teaching assistant had commented

To conclude, this semester is filled with enjoyment. The enjoyment of experiencing the course that I like, and also the thrill of challenging myself to go beyond what I capable of in learning new things. Seeing what I like in a new dimension, taking what I love the most into moderation and exceeding myself to love reading are some of the enjoyment of this semester. I hope I can stay positive and draw the best out of myself, for me to become a better person in the future~


  1. boleh tak jangan cakap kau ada weakness in math? boleh tak? boleh tak??? argh tekanan!

  2. ish btol aa...dlu time exam kat skola mesti buang masa banyak time lukis graph..haha

  3. ko amek astro bape zaf?nape xamek 104..haihhh..berbuih mulut aku duk soh org amek..sng kot..

  4. astro 103...haha xde la susah sgt pun, exam ok jer tapi aku yg x cukup membace kot :D


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