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To My Beloved Denverians

Thanks guys
I appreciate for the things we had done today

I hope this moment last forever, and ever
I love all of you

My Impression V 2.0.0

Naimah - I still rarely saw you talking, but the way you act is really cool and innocent, I like it. I always smiled when I saw you in action, dunno whether it is funny or something else :) Don't forget to make more lasagna~

Afiqah - Sometimes you are very loud, and whenever we said about a certain place, you always said that you have been there. But you also realize when I'm feeling down and even asked me to tell you. Sorry for not telling you but thanx for asking. Maybe I will tell you when I'm feeling better~

Fazira - You have soft voice, which sometimes made me couldn't hear you. But I realize that you have become much better in speaking louder when you presented your demo speech. You are the one who insisted me to do 'that', which I will try, little by little. I think your past had made me think a lot..

Yati - I was kinda surprised that suddenly you felt very emotional before we were going back. hehe. But you know, I still remember your introductory speech, and I try to be more positive. you said if I ever felt sad in class again..I don't want to think about what you will do. haha. Thanx yati

Asila - We have been in the same class for more than one semester, so if suddenly my personality changes, i think you are one of the first who will realize. Thank you Asila, you always listened to my story, and even though you did not give much help, I felt better after talking to you. It's ok, I try to disturb you less and less :)

Zahira - You are really cool that you even agreed to became Adam's girl for his demo speech. You always smiled in class, and talk with confident. my impression towards you since the first class still remains :)

Adam - You managed to get all of us gathered and went out together. You have my respect~ I wish I could become more like you, in terms of relations with girls...

Irshad - Sometimes you look cold, but you know, your jokes were killing me. We still didn't talk too much; most of the things about you, I learnt from others.hee~

Raja - Your harmonica plays really hurts my ears, but it makes me forget most things. Spending time with you with never dull, and I still can't have enough of your lame jokes, especially involving Sabak Bernam. haha

Syazwi - There are many things that I want to tell you, but I didn't do it. I am really sorry...There are also many things that I would like to apologize from you...

Acap - Sorry for always using your hair and age as jokes. hehe. You know, actually sometimes you can look very innocent and according to girls, cute. haha. it's ok, I won't seduce you.

Naqib - You know a lot of things and know how to appreciate your lover. I hope I also have that in myself.

Khairi - You always smiled. Sometimes I don't understand the way you are thinking. You look simple, but in times, you are more complicated than your smile. Looking at your smile making me happy, and in the same time make me laugh.hehe

Nabila - You have talked more lately you know? keep on going! We'll continue our rubic cube lesson later ok?~

Ani - I didn't know that you don't want us to call you 'Hani'. You really like a sister to us, and maybe that's what make me want to talk to you more :D I really love your speeches, it can be really funny~

Asma - You are very 'gelabah' sometimes, and until now I still didn't talk to you much. Maybe I should move to Naqib's place from time to time. hehe~

Sarah - With your "Ape jer...", you really caught everyone's attention. Talking to you is somehow different from talking to other girls. Maybe because you are 'kacak'? haha.

Fatin - Somehow I know why Naqib attracted to you. haha. Don't forget to give me back my cube~

Nazli - You always surprised us with your presentation. You talk like a train, maybe you should slow down a little? hehe

Tengku - You are the weirdest person I have ever met. Lately, you have smiled less than ever. Did something happened to you? Just tell someone ok?

Please do not get upset if anything I say seems harsh to you. Just tell me if you like you want to t alk to me about something ok? I always accept others with open arms and heart~


  1. post yg mengharukan to ur classmates.. aww~~
    aku pn nk wat larh! hee. ^^ (wlupn dlu cm dh pnh buat jek..huhu)

  2. aku tade pun. haha jokes man. at least you had some good times that could make you feel better.

  3. mashi - ngade aa ko mashi.haha

    rayza - raihan dah wat post special utk ko dah aa...haha.x perlu la dr aku kot~

  4. ape ni tetiber lak ckp pasal tu. ape salah nye wat byk2 pun. takpe ah gurau je pun komen atas tu.

  5. haha xmo, nanti ko bangge lebey2


  6. aku ingatkan blog ko nak senyap2 jer?

  7. aik?? mne ko taw. haha.
    blog tu x snyap dh..

  8. uiks?

    apa maksud ko yg "I wish I could become more like you, in terms of relations with girls..." ?

    huhu...dah la arituh faz nangis sbb aku...tuh salah satu petanda aku lebeh senang wat pompuan nangis...huhu...takde la baik sgt aku nih..

  9. mashi - owh ye ke?nanti aku link aa k~

    adam - aku agak tertarik ngan ngan azam ko yg ko citer mase gie tesco hari tuh...haha.ala ko bukan nyer sengaja pun...lagipun ko dah minta maaf kan..hehe


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