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A House

One day I walk around
I found a house
It looks dull
and I entered it


It is quite empty right now
There are a lot of things
But there are no people
I think it's owner doesn't get along well with people in the houses around


There is a small box inside that house
It is strong, because it never break even when it is being hit
But somehow, it started to has cracks
Hope I can fix it


I found a water tank
There is always water inside it
It looks like it had been used recently
Sometimes, the water burst out just like that


There is also a speaker inside the house
It only works when the user tell the truth
It also has cracks
Maybe some people throw it away because it only tell the truth?


A computer?
It looks really nice
It has been used for a lot of times
It seems like it is the most precious thing inside the house
Why did it go to waste?
It shouldn't be left in a house like this


There is a cat in the house
It is very cute and lovely
It makes the house more lively
Sometimes, when it want to walk around in the house, it breaks some things along the way
But it's ok because it didn't do it intentionally
But still, it seems like it is lonely


I went out
What did I get?
I really hope I can fix the house


  1. i sense a vry deep meaning..

  2. kau jgn buat aku terjemah line by line.

  3. boleh jer...

    pnah aku halang kau wat aper2?

  4. understood. agreed. supported.

  5. thanx rayza

    nanti aku blaja aa lagi mcm maner nak jadikan dier berbunga

    mcm x mungkin jd

    melainkan aku main game2 rpg balik


  6. *terkedu*

    actually, aku tak paham. but one thing for sure -

    "ni ke ex-bos aku?"
    "yg dulu suke buli aku macam nak mati"
    "bertikam lidah bagai tiada esoknye"
    "yg kate nk turunkn bonus aku setiap ari"
    "yg sengal ubi secipannye"

    ok la, aku puji hasil tangan ko nih. nice.

    dah, jangan nak perasan lelebey.
    n jgn nk sound "tau aa kau bdk tesl".
    itu dah basi. titik.

  7. ko x faham?

    kire aku dah mencapai satu tahap gak aa


  8. meh sini aku terjemahkan bagi pihak farahin berdasarkan pemahaman aku.

    1st & 2nd stanza, he personalizes the house as himself.

    3rd, small box = his heart.

    4th, water tank = eyes. water = tears.

    5th, speaker = mouth.

    6th, computer = brain.

    7th, cat = his partner/friend

  9. kpd anonymous:

    dah paham tu paham la takyah nak sebok kasi tau igt kitorang ni bodo ke tak paham. tolong skit. pandai sgt ke awak tu nak pandang rendah kat org laen.


  10. zaf kau delete je la komen anon tu nyampah lak aku.

  11. anon - mmg btol pun, tapi aper yg kte dpt after dah di-interpret?it won't make any difference.but I really love the cat :) thanx for interpreting

    rayza - as always, u being direct. s'ok, it's her/his opinion.
    - s'ok blog is not that private...I'm open to anything...sorry for being hard-headed this time

  12. owh aku ingat lirik lagu tadi. aku pun pelik apsal pendek sgt. adeh. nampak sgt aku takleh amek tesl. hahaha! rayza, org nak berlagak tuh. kau biar je lah.

  13. takde la aku cume nyampah je dia nak translate kat sini as if dia nak tunjuk kat sumer org yg dia pandai dan dia sorang je paham la. pape ntah. aku tak suke btol org pandang rendah kat org lain tu je. huhu.

  14. biar aa dier pun nk pertahankan hak dier...


    satu kepastian~

  15. alah kau dilit je komen tu zafree. bukan susah kan kan kan?

    p/s: padan muka org berlagak tu. ;)

  16. laaa...gadoh pasal anon?

    btw anon, tipulah kalau aku tak paham satu habuk.
    nampak sgt kau telan apa yg aku tulis sebijik2.


    dunia blog penuh maya-nya.
    jangan kau telan sebulatnya.

    ingat itu.

    (aku cakap berapi)- hahahahaha.

    anyway - terima kasih sudi interpretkan untuk aku tiap baris ayat zafree.


  17. raihan - tape aa...seronok gak komen tu ader kat situ

    farahin - sebagai ex-bos ko aku faham aa yg ko mesti dah faham.haha.dunia blog mmg virtual, but it based on the owner's real the truth is still there.aku tataw aa kalo blog ko sumer ngarut jer kan.hahahaha

    hm..aku x nmpk mashi komen pown

  18. bleh jadik blog aku sekilas pandang tampak ngarut. tapi. andai kau pandai menggeledah, pasti kau jumpe sesuatu yang tak ngarut.
    ala...macam kau rajin geledah tiap bait ayat aku kan?
    hahaha - paham sangat kau nih.

    hmm...aku pon trtanye. di manakah mashi.
    (wah, bajet aku kenal dia. tapi seriyes slalu nampak dia komen di tetingkap blog ko)

  19. bukan sumer ko nyer post menepati citarase aku kot

    n lepas 20/10/2008, aku dah jrg bace blog ko

    nanti aku start bace balik eyh?


  20. oik... dh bkk ni, tibe2 nmpk mcm pgaduhan kecik/ketakpuasanhati. ;p

  21. bz ngn konflik kot.. ko ni, mcm xpaham2 je. ;p

  22. konflik -> tdo -> x on9 -> on9 -> mual balik -> off9.

    hahhaha. XD skrg ok sudahh. ^^


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