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I'm not doing a tag here
I just want to talk about my opinions on this tagging business
I am referring to the tagging that are now faymous among bloggers~

What is tagging?
To put it simply, it is when you are given a list of questions, you have to answer it honestly (well, not all people feel that they need to be honest) and pass the questions to other people~

What good about it?
Give information about yourself to others and vice versa
-Not all viewers of our blog know about ourselves. One of the best way is to just read from the tag~

My Opinion?
This may be harsh but I'm being straight forward~

1. People just want to tell others something important, and cover it up by using many questions
Yeah, some people do that. We (I use 'we' here because maybe part of myself did or will do the same, so I need to be fair) want (a certain) people to know (a certain) thing about us. For example if I had a fight with my friend, I might use 'tagging' to express it by answering some questions (example : Q45. Are you having a fight with someone?who?) . With so many questions in the tagging, most people will think that is it a small thing, but to a person (who I had a fight), it is very important for s/he to know

2. People want to know a certain things about others
Most tag need us to pass the question to others. What is in my mind is that we want to know just a few things about a certain someone, so we tag them in order to get the answer from that person, and covering it up by passing to many people. Can you understand what I'm trying to say here?

3. People just want others to know what is happening to them
I really hate this. If we make it more personal and do not disturb others, then it is fine. I really pissed off when people post it in somewhere where all people can see. For example, in bulletin board in Friendster. Sometimes, a same person doing it, and so many of it! I regret for approving that person. It is so annoying that I never clicked on the Bulletin Board link.grr.serious mencabup giler ok?

Tagging to me?
Well, I really enjoy tagging, but in moderate way. Maybe there are some facts about others that we never know, and it is good to know more about others. I really hate it when people do not want to answer most questions when they are doing the tag; better for these people to not doing it from the start.Right?

The theory?
My tagging-problem theory is 'When people want to gain a specific benefits from tagging (telling others or getting others info) but they cover it up (by doing other many and unrelated questions or passing it to many people)'

Last words?
Any thoughts of yours is truly appreciated~I always keep my mind to be open and free~


  1. tagging is fun bile rase mcm xde pape nk post but then post a list of homeworksss n assignments.. instead, post la tag.
    certain tag is fun, certain x best. yg pnjg2 sgt tu, mnyusahkn. mcm la org nk bce smpi hbs.. kalo cm aku rajin r bce smpi hbs. ;p
    to be honest, i'd prefer reading tags than list of things to do, sbb atleast tag lain org lain jwpn. tp list of things to do tu, everyone has the same thing to do kn?
    except for subj engin, bio n c++.
    hurmm... my own opinion. but still x tahan sgt nk post, post jela..
    it's their blog kn. xksa pn.

  2. aku nak tambah skit. tag ni pun tak semestinya diorang jwb btol2 so unless kau btol2 kenal org tu dlm real life, there's no way to be sure if they're telling the truth.

    lg pun naper nak expose sgt diri sendiri on the net kan? mcm memberi kemudahan utk identity theft lak. huhu.

  3. hahah analisis mendalam beb

    bg ak tag mcm mnde nak post kl tade sgt mnde na post atau mls sgt na tulis so dgn ade list soklan tayah na rangka2 idea pe utk dtuls.

    n tag ni kl dlm blog siyes xprofesional. blog teenage je wt tag mngikut pemerhatian ak. but then, im not pro. huu

  4. ataupun org tua yg nak nampak muda. haha!

  5. mashi - aku xde aa against tag nie...cumer kalo orang same asyik wat mende nie...aku sendiri cam moderate aa~bukan sumer orang nak tau sumer mende pasal kite kan?hehe

    rayza - maybe kte nak certain someone tau certain something about us...huhu

    ali - of coz...kita remaja suker mende2 yang baru n lain drpd bese...nak buat boleh tapi jgn sampai mcm nak expose kat sumer orang sumer mende pasal kite..haha

    rayza lagi - ko lah contoh terbaik~

  6. aku pn x against. mcm ko, mnyampehs jek! ;p
    tp aku still bsemangat tgk post ko ni wlupn b'tajuk tagging.
    baik x aku?? :)


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