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Result is coming out in around 24 hours. Tomorrow, I will be in Kluang, so I can only check my result through SMS. Well, UKM SMPWEB will most probably has high traffic by tomorrow anyway since everyone will be eagerly waiting in front of their laptop until the clock shows 00:00 or 12:00 AM.

And also eagerly waiting to click on that "Masuk" button.

Unlike last semester, the anxiety is strong in me this time. The reasons?

- Afraid that I won't be able to continue my study
- Afraid that my scholarship will be terminated again
- I don't want to feel hopeless again
- I don't want to make my family disappointed again
- I still want to feel the joy of being able to study and take exams

...and many more. My feelings are everywhere right now.

"Lek sudah", said him.

Yeah.. I should just chill out. Whatever the result will be, I am still me. If it's good, make sure to keep it up, maintain, and improve. If it turned out not good, just make sure to score better in the next semesters.

*take a deep breath*

I am excited to see my results. To be honest, I have this weird confidence that I'll get good result. But there's always that small part in our heart that says "What if it isn't?". Huuuuu I wanna cry under my blanket right now :'( I don't know if I'm excited or scared right now. Probably both. Probably nothing.

Anyway, I pray that everyone will get good and better results too.


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