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Ignorance Is Bliss (UKM Confessions)

Almost exactly a month ago, a page with the name of UKM Confessions was created on Facebook. It is a page where people (for but not limited to UKM students) can write down anything they want and the page will post it anonymously. The confessions page is not limited to UKM, as there are a lot of other universities doing it too. But since I am studying in UKM, this page relates to me a lot.

It was fun reading the confessions during its earlier days. Now? Not really. There are many problems with the page, and reading it now is more vomit-inducing and IQ-degrading.

You can try to visit it here. Let me know what do you think of it.

The admins of the page didn't filter most of the confessions before this, but now I can see some confessors complained that their confessions aren't being published. I don't know what is the criteria of a rejected confessions, but I know it's not helping that much. I like to leave comments on some confessions, and I even confessed a few times using this certain nickname (some of you may already know by now).

After reading around 1300+ confessions, I finally decided that I had enough.

True, some confessions are very funny, and some are even thought-provoking. But that's the problem: "some". In fact, it wouldn't be an exaggeration if I say only "a small number".

If you go there, you can see the different types of confessions. Love, admiration, past experiences, naughty habits.. Those are usually the harmless ones. But lately it is a place to show the confessor's hate to a certain individuals/group/faculty, the horny confessions, debate about da'wah, racist (and stereotyping) confessions, sex addicts, and many more confessions that will give you headaches.

It's normal for us humans to have this dark feelings inside of our hearts. For example, we all have sex desires, or else we will never reproduce and continue our lineages. But the wrong thing about it is to openly confess how you admire a girl's b**bs and said how it makes you horny. That, is wrong on many levels.

One of my biggest quirks is when people not confessing, but rather just making announcements, giving poems, and such. When we go to the page, we have the expectations of seeing "confessions". Some people really need to read what does the word "confession" means before they write their not-so-confessions confessions.

Then, some people says that the page is turning into UKM Dakwah, since people put some religious quotes, da'wah, preaches and more there. To be honest, I, as a reader, don't have a problem with the confessions. But I do have some problems with the confessors. Some might say that "Dakwah tu boleh di mana-mana". I disagree, "memang boleh di mana-mana, tapi kena ada masa, tempat, dan cara yang sesuai".

Anyway, I'm not here to debate about that. It can be right, and it can be wrong too. It depends on the cleverness and creativity of the confessor to spread da'wah. I just personally think that it is not suitable to put there, in the midst of darkness of people's inner hearts and feelings.

Also, I don't have any problems with anyone who wants to continue reading the page, and I am not here to say that you shouldn't read it. I just opted to personally stay away from it.

All in all, I don't think there's any point in reading the page anymore. It's fun to read what people have to say, but most of them are better left as secrets. There are many thing in this world that are better left unknown to most people.

Like usual, I am always open to hear/read your comments, opinions, or criticisms. Feel free to share your thoughts on this one.


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