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Wishing Happy Birthday

Remember the time when your friends celebrated your birthday? Yeah, me neither (forever alone FTW). Yes, today is my birthday (or yesterday, depending on where you live) and I am totally aware of it. Do I expect anything from my birthday? Of course! It wouldn't hurt to expect something, right? Right?? Haha anyway I don't really care about surprises or presents, I am perfectly fine with not celebrating it. Maybe I can buy some ice-cream for myself, eat a lot tonight and stay up playing MW3 with my BFFs (again, forever alone FTW).

I guess I am getting old, to the point where I don't really care about my own birthday that much. Even last year, I celebrated my birthday alone haha.

If you have a Facebook account, then you must have received a lot of birthday wishes from your friends, and "friends". When these "friends" post their wishes on my wall, I was like "er who are you again?". Then I went to their profile, in hope to discover two things: what their friends usually call them and how did I come to know them. I have 676 "friends" in my Facebook account, and I don't really know every single one of them.

They did take some time to wish my birthday, so I don't really want to reply with just "thanks! :)" or other one-liner. I really appreciate the wishes (even though I am aware that some just wish for the sake of wishing), and I try my best to show my appreciation in my reply. It's also an opportunity to get in touch with your friends again~ I am happy when someone who I haven't talked with for who-know-how-many-years said that I am one of her best buddy (friendzoned? Who cares haha).

Thank you for those who wished for my birthday. I really appreciate it. Thank you! There is also someone that I shamelessly told her that today is my birthday (haha!) just because she doesn't has a Facebook account XD (show yourself!)

Meanwhile I am going to make this cake for myself.

Happy birthday to me! *okay.jpg*


What I posted on top was what I want to post in the first place. But I got a surprise birthday celebration just now, after we done celebrating the Chinese New Year! It was totally unexpected, but nevertheless I am happy. Thanks to those who went their way just to buy me a cake and light the candles! Now I don't have to make and eat the forever alone cake~

A proper birthday cake!

Kai, thanks also for spending your time talking on the phone with me! :D


  1. selamat ulang tahun ke-22 orang seksyen 8!

  2. haha thanks! neighbor ke kita nie? XD

  3. Zafree!! Happy Birthday!! Don't get depressed!! :D :D

    I still remember that you once asked me for a P4 fan art. Want me to give you a sketch as a present? It's gonna take some time to make it though.


  4. Kai! Thanks!! Do I really look depressed?? D:

    Wow you really want to do it?? If it's ok with you, then I WANT it! But make sure to take your time, no need to do it quickly :) Thanks kai!

  5. meh sini aku nak tanya something.
    am i the only person yang wish kau kat dalam skype ?

  6. ada ngan lagi sorang kawan intec aku


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