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Insert a Boring Title Here

I still suck at giving a good title on something. Giving name to something, making a nickname, coming up with a unique online ID, I suck at those too. Creativity is not my strong point T_T

Trying to increase my arm strength, I went to the SERF last Wednesday, doing some weight training with my friends. It was not my intention at first, but seeing them going to the gym are getting me excited. The day after, my arms got really hurt, and it's hard to even scratch my back where it itch.

On the same day, my friend suddenly asked to go swimming together. Knowing that my arms are tired, I still went for swimming. This was at 6-7:40pm. Then later that night, me and my two other friends went to Natatorium (another gym located further away) for a volleyball game, organized by the Muslim Student Association. The first three times serving the ball, I failed very hard. The ball hit was not even powerful, and it went outside the court :( I was utterly disappointed with myself. My arms were still sore, so that should be expected. But it was no fun to be a burden to the team, so I served only with jump serves after that XD

It did make up for my lost strength, and I guess it is better than making a terrible serve. But after that, my right arm felt like it was going to ripped apart. I had to turn down my friends invitation to go play badminton and swimming today, I slept after Isya', and missed today's Halaqah T^T

The thing about playing volleyball (or any other sports) is that you will have problems if your group members don't have the same motivation and reasons to play. I want to fave fun while playing, but in the same time I also want to win, especially in tournaments. I think the fun and excitement will come when you are doing your very best in order to win, and not just for yourself, but also for the team. Apparently some people don't think having fun and being competitive can run together. It can, as long as you don't get upset or emotional easily when you lose or on the losing side. Being the captain is not easy, but I really want everyone to get together and have fun. I still have a lot to improve. I also want someone to motivate me T_T (desperate attention-seeking attempt is on the work)

I sold most of my games to buy something later on next week. I only have a few games to play right now, but those are games that I can play repeatedly, so it's better than having a lot of games but you don't play them. I've stopped playing FFXIII-2 for a while now, and the problem with the game is that it is not engaging enough. Somehow the story got me confused and the time travelling makes it convoluted and messy. I will finish it, but as for now I don't have the right motivation to finish it. Here I thought I can let someone borrow the game after I finished with it. Looks like that have to wait.

On my 3DS, I am still playing Resident Evil Revelations. It does deliver its promises to return to its horror root, but not that perfectly. Most of the time the game is still action-oriented, but it is a move towards the right direction. The most obvious reason for the un-scariness of the game is the presence of your AI partner. I know it's only an AI, but you feel less scared when they are available next to you. But when they are not..I was like "hey what the hell are you doing leaving me here alone?? :(" "Owh now you want me to search for that key alone? Damn you". Seriously, the game will be a lot more scarier if not for the partner sticking with you 90% of the time. But that 10% IS scary waaaaaa :'( Tell me why did I choose to live alone again?

That's Resident Evil Revelations main menu

I swear that one day we will have that keyboard as a peripheral for 3DS

I also bought the 3DS Circle Pad Pro, and it's totally worth it for me. Besides adding a few buttons and another circle pad (obviously), it also makes holding the 3DS much more comfortable, provided that you use your pointing finger for the shoulder buttons. But it will never fit into a jeans pocket. That thing also looks ugly, but it does its job well, so I let that fact slip.

Being a teacher is what I have been dreaming until now. With my past results, I don't think that's possible :( But every time I think about becoming a teacher, I want to keep on improving. I did forget on becoming a teacher for some time, but now I have to set my goal clear again. Every time I want to do something, I always think about the way a teacher should be, and that thought somehow influenced on the way I do things. It got me thinking like "teachers aren't supposed to do this!" or "I won't become a good example for the students if I am like this!".

I want to keep this goal in my mind, and someday will become a good teacher that will unlock the potentials of the younger generations, not just making them good in getting high marks.

(I will make regular posts on my simple thoughts of an ideal teacher, and how I envision myself on becoming a teacher in the future)

Math in college is boring. There I said it. But it is still my fault for not liking them. This is not high school, where teachers will voluntary help you if you suck. I wonder what did I do back in high school that made me performed extraordinarily and can get good results without much effort? I need to get that sensation back. So about those homeworks...

One of my lecturer somehow reminds me of what I used to be back then. He showed how to do one of the problems in the front, and while solving it, he said "wow this is beautiful!". Other students laughed, and so did I. But in the same time, I realized that that was something that I haven't felt for soooo long, and I somehow missed that feeling... I understand why he said it was beautiful, and I wish I can feel the same thing as he did, again... Owh the me in the past, where did I went wrong?


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