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Tuesday Rants

Changing the blog's title
I hope this one is final. Somehow I wanted to make the title to be something extraordinary, but I guess simpler is better. It also fits my blog is perfectly. I like Memento Mori in my blog's URL by the way. The phrase means "Remember your mortality", "Remember you must die", or "Remember you will die". I first learned about the phrase when playing Persona 3. Well not really during the gameplay, because the only time the phrase was available is during the opening clip.

Try to see whether you can find the phrase or not :)

Persona 3 is the game where I has a lot of emotional connections toward it. The characters, the setting, the places, and even the musics, I like them all. This game has achieved a place in my heart where it will remains for many, many years.

Though not exactly overweight, my weight definitely increased a lot since I left my high school, and it keeps on increasing until my first year at UW. Thank God I am tall, so most people don't really see me as fat or chubby XD The only thing that concern me the most for now is my belly. I definitely want to make it smaller (haha) before the upcoming Midwest Games 2012 in UIUC in late May, or even better if it can be done before I go back to Malaysia for my sister's wedding in early April.

I'm not really sure what to do in order to lose weight, but I definitely went to gym to at least burn some calories. I swim a few times every week, do some weight lifting, sit up every morning, play volleyball once a week and maybe jogging later on. I'm not sure if I want to improve my cardiovascular muscle and stamina anymore.

Also, I want to win the first place in this year's volleyball, both for Midwest and Intramural. I am happy that the new students want to build their own team for intramural. I look forward to see you guys improve! We need to have a match next week~ I want to have a serious but fun matches every once in a while too, where we fight for every points in order to win.

My hair is very long right now, and I have to wear a bandanna so that my hair won't get in my way when playing volleyball. But I don't want to have a haircut. I am afraid because every time I have a haircut, it will be very ugly :( Maybe I will ask Adam to cut my hair, it's easier to be more precise and picky with him XD (Yatie aku nak pinjam boyfriend ko ye~)

Somehow I love it when people are praising my hair (like weyh lurusnya rambut ko! shiny dowh!). Damn I knew it, I have some excess female hormones in my body XD

Moving On
A few weeks ago I talked to my friend (who is also my friend's girlfriend), something related to moving on in our love life. She suggested that "it is really hard to move on until you find someone else in your life for you to love". While I believe it is true, I also like to think that it will not always be the case. If we always need someone else in order to move on, then doesn't that prove that we are somehow weak? It will be painful for the "someone else" if he/she thinks that we are just using him/her in order for us to move on from the previous person, don't you think? Me? The ideal time to find someone else is when you already completely move on, I believe. To fall in love with someone else in order to move on is not wrong by any means, as long as we devote ourselves to love that "someone else" without ever looking back and turn that "someone else" into "the one".

Also, how can we tell that we already moved on? Human feelings are very deep, and there's no way to understand it completely given our short life.

But that also what makes us human interesting :)

I just opened my Pandora account after a long time haven't touched it.. Man, I really love their radio and selection of songs. It works like this: you choose a song that you particularly like, and they will let you listen to the songs of the same genre. For example, I entered "Iris - Goo Goo Dolls", and it will be "Iris Radio". Then they will play songs like "Here Without You - Three Doors Down", "Wonderwall - Oasis", "You're a God - Vertical Horizon" and more. If you like the songs, you can click the thumbs up icon, and they will play more songs like that. It works the same if you click the thumbs down icon. You can even combine different radios for more variation of songs that will show up. A lot of people have been using this, and you probably are too. If you don't, give it a try! Here's the link

Kai, I said that I used your drawing as my desktop background, and here it is!

To be honest it looks very vibrant on my monitor...I really, really like it!

This is my gaming setup, I placed everything on my study desk since I never used it for studying (it's too small for me!). My laptop is on the box to the right.

My PS3 is bulkier since I placed the Hori Monitor on top of it. This monitor is really useful if I want to bring my PS3 somewhere else. It proved to be most useful when I brought my PS3 back to Malaysia during summer last year. I don't have to share other TV with anyone in my house! It IS small (only 11 inches diagonally), but it worked perfectly and the images are very clear.

This TV is what I usually used for my gaming (the TV is 46" diagonal), but ever since I got the 3D Monitor, I prefer to play my games on it. I am still not sure whether to sell it (since I never use it lately) or just bring it back to Malaysia after I graduated. Maybe the latter though.


  1. We must stop taking drugs
    I walk away from a sound restroom
    Rin pressed 9, moonbright mints
    My girl shrieks a boo, to the lukewarm poo
    Mac freed us, a freebie sword
    Reminds me that, I still live

    I must run away from the God-freak, and the chair in the dance bar YEAH!

    Imma bringing the chair up till I see the sunlight again.
    I left my place and ran to the sunlight~~

    Oh, it looks really nice on a monitor! Mine looks like crap on a netbook =_=;


  2. if I didn't read until the end, your comment looks like a spam -_- I almost considered to delete it haha (I used to get a lot of spam before I turned on the words verification)

    Now that's a version that I haven't heard of! you created it yourself?

    I feel good about myself thinking that I promoted Persona 3 to you back then XD. Why did I forgot about that though??

  3. Hah? I found it on Youtube. I thought you would know because you posted a youtube video.

    (Lagu Iwatodai Dorm lagi dahsyat diorg buat XD)

    Probably because you promoted the game to another 2346289 other people, that's why you forgot.


  4. I know the other versions, but never heard this one. It's funny because there are a lot of misheard lyrics can be done with that song XD

    Wow how did you know?? Nah just kidding, I know I told many people about my experiences with Persona 3 (Ramzi is one of those people), but you're the only I boldly told to play it. I can remember that at least :D But I did forget that I promoted to you EVERY TIME you sat behind me -_-" I thought it was only one or two times...


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