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About Those Personality Quiz

You know about those personality test quizzes that are lying around all over the internet and magazines? I'm pretty sure you did the personality test at least once. Owh I did a lot of them back in the days, until one day I just stopped because there are just abundant especially in Facebook (I just love to hate what people love XD)

Well normally people try it just out of their curiosity. The problem starts with when you feel the results are very spot on with your personality. Then you'll try again, and the results are mostly correct with what your personality are. Right now it's "the result describes my personality very correctly".

After a while, you'll take it again. At some point, some people start to believe almost everything the result has to say. So when some of the quizzes says something about you that you never thought before, you will start to believe the result. Like you never thought about what you would do when people are making you mad, and the result told you something like "you really hate it when people make you mad, and you are not usually easy to give forgiveness". Now, "the result is shaping your personality", because you believe the results say the truth about you.

The truth is, most personality test quizzes are straight up bullshit. Most of the results are written and designed to pleasure the quiz takers. Plus, we human were made to be delighted to hear other people praising and say good things about us. If I wanted to, I can make one personality test quiz on my own right now, and I am confident that 90% of the quiz taker will believe it with no problem.

Try to choose a different answer for each question, and you will see that most of the answers will fit you no matter what. This will fit the "the result describes my personality perfectly". The thing is, people are not one-dimensional. So no matter what are the statements that being told to us, there will be some way, some experiences, or some events that can relate us to that statement. Let me choose one of a certain quiz results to show this (just the results)

4. If one of the following animals could speak which would you prefer it to be?
a. Sheep
b. Horse
c. Rabbit
d. Bird

4. Your choice represents the kind of relationship that you would like to build with your partner.
a. sheep - You both know what the other person is thinking without saying a word
b. horse - Both of you should be able to talk about everything and anything with no secrets kept.
c. rabbit - A relationship that makes you feel warm and always in love.
d. bird - A long-lasting relationship.

Now tell me, which one of these results that you don't want in your relationship?

Nevertheless, taking those quizzes are fun, as long as you don't fully believe everything. I just like to hate things that other people like XD Don't take this post too seriously. Anyway my point is, don't believe everything you read when doing the personality test. Well it's easier if you just try to be more careful on what you read and the information that you got. Don't let the results give you a weird personality!

I got this quiz from Farahin's blog, and this is the link the quiz. By the way my results are:

1. Horse
2. Horse
3. Snake
4. Horse (My Little Pony all the way~)
5. Human
6. Dinosaur (though white tiger is cool too, and dinosaur is just too general)
7. Horse (lol)

I must admit though that the result for question number 4 is really dead on for me -_- Wonder what my reaction will be if I took another answer on the first try: will I say the same thing too?


  1. aku tertarik kat soalan nombor 6.
    is it true? hehehe

  2. mesti la tak betul, my honest view point about marriage is probably close to the white tiger's


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