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Last Week, This Week and Next Week (11/7)

The only reason I choose to write a blog now is because I don't have anything special to do during my shift. Sure, my shift is 4-hour long but the work isn't. Unless there are anything special happening during this time, I have a lot of free time to do some things, like homework and stuffs. So I decided to use this time to update my blog weekly. I am doing my homework in the same time (a draft for video game class's essay), and I need some distraction too.

Last Week
...was pretty normal. Except that I lost the keys to my apartment, and I stayed at my friend's place for three nights. I didn't go to work on Saturday, but still went to my Sunday's shift. It was on Monday that I finally got my new keys from my landlord. Thank God it didn't took longer than that.

On the next day, I went to Gamestop to pick up my copy of Uncharted 3, and I finished the single player campaign on Thursday night. Was it good? To be honest I am not quite sure. I have mixed feelings about it, but to be fair I will play it again to see the details that I missed. Review of the game will be written when I have the time leisure. The multiplayer was awesome, but the only thing missing is a friend to play the game together with. I love the coop multiplayer, and I wish some of my friend will buy it in the future.

Since I lost the keys, I can't get my bike unlocked. The only problem with not having a bike is I need to plan my time more. My house is kind of far away from the group of Malaysians, and also from my class, and my working place. Going to most of my classes and my work place will take around 25 minutes. So getting up early in the most important thing now. As for now, waking up at least one hour before class or work is just enough for me to take a bath and arrive on destination on time. I need to wake up earlier if I want to get some breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, I don't usually had one. I just have my lunch and dinner everyday. Maybe I should by a toaster. Cooking for dinner is also a hassle, and I need to buy a deep fryer. Life is getting busier within each and every week, with the increase in the amount of homework and the difficulty D:

This Week
I am getting more used to waking up earlier and walking to the destination instead of riding a bike. It is inevitable anyway since winter is coming.

I have two essays need to be done by Thursday and Friday (one is a draft though, but it needs 7 pages at least). The harder essay is due on Friday, and only requires 3-4 pages. But it is still hard. Stupidly hard. I don't even understand what my professor wants. He wants us to be original in our essay, but he discusses a lot of things during lecture and we can't use any of the things that he said. I am totally annoyed with this class, really. But Thank God we still can choose one out of three media that we feel like discussing about.

Video game essay is relatively easier since I am writing about social interactions in Black Ops. It's the thing that I have been doing for almost a year, so there are a lot to talk about. The challenge is to turn all that experiences to something scholarly. Essay is due next week, and I hope my TA will give more useful suggestions on what to add and edit.

Manga class's quiz is tomorrow, and I haven't read a single thing. The professor already told us on what will be the most asked in the quiz, so I can concentrate on reading that tomorrow. Owh the quiz is to be done online, and I can do it on Wednesday if I want to.

Tonight, I will be picking one of my most anticipated game of the year, and it is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. It's been a long time since I am excited for a game like this. The anticipation is killing me. I guess it's because my friends are also getting this game, so it will be more exciting to play with friends.

I will also get my copy of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. What excited me the most about this collection is Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, a game that first released on PSP, and now remastered for PS3 and 360. To be able to play the game online is a bless, since PSP did not fully utilize this feature. Too bad this game is not available for tonight release as MW3.

Next Week
I have one midterm next week, for my Math 340 class. My TA said that it will be hard, and I am expecting so too. Lately I have been more interested in literature compared to Mathematics. Well people do changes, right? There's nothing wrong with changing :)

Next Tuesday will be the last day I will be picking up a game from Gamestop (if I don't buy Super Mario 3D Land for 3DS). This is my most anticipated game, because it has a lot of my favorite characters. Yes, it's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. With 12 new characters, adjustments made to the previous characters, new mode and tweaks, it is easily one of the game I wish it comes out right now. I already sold my vanilla Marvel vs. Capcom, so this need to be worth it.


  1. I nearly vomited playing a 3DS at gamestop.. I can't stand all the shaking and movement. Ughayasgadwdwe and i was so excited on actually buying one, everything turned 180 degrees after that one experience.

    Anyway, you take a bath every single day??? Is that even possible here?! ;_; SO FREAKING COLD.

    Losing the keys to your apartment must've been a pain, yes? I know how it's feels, though I didn't exactly lose my keys, I had to rely on my housemate for the keys to my room for nearly a whole week and it was a total pain for the both of us, because we had to like, plan everything from what time we go out, to who comes back home first.

  2. Well that's the job 3D slider! You can always turn off the 3D effect, so don't really mind about it. Trust me, you'll appreciate the 3DS more if you don't expect a lot from the 3D effect :| (they shouldn't name it 3DS)

    yeah...don't you? Hot shower to the rescue :D

    YES it was a real pain :( one of the worst moment experienced in a short time :'( eh I thought you live alone? can't you guys make extra keys?


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