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First View: Modern Warfare 3 (Multiplayer)

I am one of those people who bought Modern Warfare 3 solely for the multiplayer. I think the single player and the spec ops as the bonuses, not the main thing. I don't mind if people buy it for single player or spec ops, everyone is entitled to how they want to use the content on what they buy, so don't mind me if I say I am not really interested in anything in MW3 besides the multiplayer. This is just a few opinions and overviews that I have after spending my time on the game for 11+ hours. Might not be the true representative of the full review in the future, so be warned.

The matchmaking system
As for now, it seems relatively slow to get into a lobby full of people. On the first day playing, I can't get into a game with my friends, but it's getting better now.

Weapons are a lot more variety than Black Ops. I think almost all secondary weapon are useless since you can pretty much die in two or three bullets (besides Stinger, I'll tell you in The Killstreaks). Bullets do a TON of damage, and 90% of the time, you'll die when someone starts shooting at you. It leads to soooooo much frustration. I don't have access to all weapons yet, but I have a few personal preferences on each  type of weapons. PP90M1 is my favorite sub machinegun, ACR for assault rifle, SPAS-12 for shotgun and Barrette .50 Cal for sniper rifles. I rarely use the light machinegun.

Weapon proficiency is an extra perk you can get for your weapon. Each weapon now has level, and you unlock more proficiency and attachments as you level up (get more kills with the weapon). Proficiency may differ from weapon to weapon, and it includes things such as Kick, which reduces you recoil; Attachment, which allows you to use two attachments on the weapon and more.

or what you would call strike packages in this game. There are three types of packages: Assault, Support and Specialist. The system of getting killstreaks is much better now, and you now achieve them by getting points. Besides from kills, you can get points from capturing an objective, destroying enemy's killstreaks, (that's why Stinger is the best since you can get point streaks by even destroying UAVs) and from assist kills with the help of Hardline Pro perk. You can now assign the packages on your class, so you can change you killstreaks during a match.

Assault packages is for people who want to rack up more kills. You need to get point streaks in order to get to your desired killstreak reward, and the count will reset every time you die. Predator missile, AC-130, and Pavelow are now back from MW2. New killstreaks include I.M.S, Reaper, AH-6 Overwatch, Strafe Run, Juggernaut and more. The killstreaks are very satisfying when you get them, but it still very hard to get them. The best that I achieved is AC-130 on 13 point streaks. Since you'll pretty much die easily, getting to the higher killstreaks is no easy task. Kills you get from killstreaks will count towards your next killstreaks.

Support packages are designed more towards supporting the team. Ranging from UAV, Counter UAV, Advanced UAV, Juggernaut, and more. There are also killstreaks that are lethal, such as Stealth Bomber. The best thing about Support packages is your point streak won't reset if you die. I have seen a lot of people getting 2 stealth bomber in a match. But mind you, the point streaks are still demanding, so you will still need to choose carefully since the better point streaks need 12 or more points. Your point streaks will also reset if you change your class in between.

Specialist package is one that I haven't tried yet. This package will unlock more perks as you gain more kills. Yeah..that's basically what I can tell you as for now.

The Perks
Perks are now more variety, for better or worse. A lot of older perks still available, like Sleight of Hand, Steady Aim, SitRep, Hardline and Assassin (formerly known as Ghost and Cold-Blooded). New perks include Stalker (faster walking while ADS), Quickdraw (faster ADS, used to be the Pro version of Sleight of Hand), Overkill (allowing the secondary to be replaced by a primary weapon) and Recon (enemy will be tagged if they are damaged by explosives).

Unlocking pro perks are now easier, just like they were in Modern Warfare 2. Unlike Black Ops, you don't have to fulfill three requirements (at least one of them will be ridiculous) in order to unlock pro perks. In MW3, you need to spend more time with the perks, as evident by the requirements. The task is easy (like getting a certain amount of kills when using it, or shot down a certain number of enemy's killstreaks) but the number required is quite high. As long as you use the same perk for some time, you'll unlock it before you even know it.

The Maps
You may love or hate the new maps. The maps are designed to prevent campers, but in the same time corners are a lot more dangerous now. I'm not sure how to put it in a better way since I don't really mind about the maps. But the respawn points is really, really bad. You might end up respawning behind enemies or at the point where the enemies had already captured (in domination). Expect a to die from behind a lot.

Call of Duty Elite currently down.

My Comments
- You'll die faster, so try not to rage too often
- A lot of customization for players with different style of playing
- Killstreaks are much, much satisfying (Reaper at 9 point streaks is a beast)
- Watch each other's back, people can respawn practically anywhere
- Using headphones will definitely help you by a large margin, to detect an enemy's footstep or reloading sound when they are near you.
- Tips: careful around the corner

This game is still addicting even if it has a lot of flaws right now. I do not regret buying it, that's for sure. It can be frustrating at a time, so make sure to play with friends so you can let them suffer together. Questions? Leave a comment below.


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