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Last Week, This Week and Next Week (11/21) - Short Holiday

Last Week
Finished my video game paper, and took my Math 340 second midterm. It feels like a lot of burden had been lifted from my shoulder. Thanks to Shafiq Kadir for encouraging me to finish the paper before midnight (because he had to do the paper too). It should be a 10-paper, but my TA is nice enough to let us send the paper even if our paper doesn't reach the intended length (mainly because our lecturer wanted us to do in 1.5 spacing, instead of the usual 2.0 spacing). We both tried to make it to ten pages, but we only managed to do nine; adding more will only make our paper became more convoluted and less meaningful -_-

On the same day on the due date of our paper, I have to lead the discussion, and last week's topic was Games in Education. To sum up what I presented, take a look at this video:

Funny, in the same time meaningful and informative :)

So I have been playing Modern Warfare 3, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Metal Gear, and Super Mario 3D Land, and all of them are great games. Let's talk about MW3 and UMvC3:

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
It's a good game, really. You can argue how it is still the same with MW2 with a little improvements, but you can't argue it is still a working formula. For me, it's a fun game, but at times can be rage-inducing. The fact that you'll die easily makes some people to lean towards camping. It's totally annoying, especially when I just want to have a fair game. Yesterday, I yelled like crazy, and it was totally rare for me to do that in video games. I tried to be more positive when playing it, but some players take their performance in the game so seriously that they result to play cheap. I never ragequitted, but I raged a lot. Compared to when I played Black Ops, I never felt this mad. So I never played the game unless if it is with my friends; easier to plan an attack and request for help.

Game dictionary time!

Camping - staying in one spot and wait for people to pass their field of vision. The fact that the damage is so high in this game makes most people caught unaware by the campers.

Ragequit - an act where people quit the game when it is still not finished, mostly because they didn't perform well, or they feel that they are overpowered by the opposition.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom
Owh I really love this game. The twelve new characters are really interesting, and they don't feel like a carbon copy of other characters.

Capcom side:

Strider Hiryu is a glass-cannon: able to deal high damages but in the same time is very fragile. Ouroboros with level 3 X-Factor is a guaranteed KO.

Firebrand a very fast character who controls the air with his moves. Good players will learn that this character do constant pressure in the air, further proved by his level 3 Hyper Combo. The damage that he can do in his Bread and Butter Combo isn't very high, but makes up with his ability to control the space.

Vergil is a character who can deals pressure from anywhere on the screen. Have less movesets compared to his twin brother, Dante, but still proves to be a threat with his easier to execute combos.

Nemesis T-Type is a slow but high-damaging character. He's very big, making him an easier target. But once his attacks are connecting, the other player will just need to pray his character won't die. Has long range attacks like grab commands and missiles to help him doing a constant pressure.

The unconventional character, Frank West, is a multi-leveled character, who levels up by using his special moves to capture pictures using his cameras. He will gain a lot of extra moves as he level up, and can do a more damaging combos.

Phoenix Wright is the more unconventional character in UMvC3. He has three modes: Investigation, Trial, and Turnabout. Your goal with him is to get to his Turnabout mode. To do that, you need to collect three good evidences while in Investigation mode, then hit the opponent with his Objection! attack. Once he get into the Turnabout mode, he becomes one of the biggest threat in the game.

Marvel side

The bow and arrow user Hawkeye is a keep-away character, dealing damages from faraway with his arrows and projectiles.

Ghost Rider is also a keep away character, but he makes his opponent comes to him with his long range normal attacks and command grabs rather than he coming to opponents. Then he'll throw away his opponents far away after dealing his combos. With the right assists, it's hard for the opponent to get in to him.

Iron Fist is strong on the ground, and doesn't has any projectile to help him zoning. But once he gets in, he'll deal a very high damaging combos. Choosing the right assists for this character will definitely help him a lot.

Nova is more of a normal character, but his Bread and Butter combos can deals high damage too. He has projectile, but not really suitable for playing keep away. He hits hard.

Dr Strange is an all around character. Has a lot of projectiles, can teleport, and can counter any projectiles or beams with his Hyper Combo.

Rocket Raccoon is the smallest character in the game: very hard to hit, and very sneaky with his traps. One of the more unconventional character.

(I'm sorry, I don't really have much information on how to explain the characters -_- I did my best though)

This Week
I only have one quiz due on Wednesday, and one homework in video games class. Thursday is Thanksgiving, so we have a four-days holidays! It's short, but I could use some rest :) Friday is Black Friday, where there will be sales everywhere. I don't plan on going somewhere or buying something specific, but it would be nice if I can go window shopping at least. I don't really do much this semester due to a big problem (turned me off to do anything besides studying, stay at home playing games and some), so this might be a chance to do something else. Two of my friends are getting a PS3 on Black Friday, so I'm excited for them :D No games for me this week, except for maybe (and MAYBE) Rayman Origins. Gamestop will has discount for this game on Friday.

Next Week
I will have a group debate on Thursday. No exams, quizzes or specific homework next week. Kind of a slow week, but still need to be prepare for finals. Seriously, I am scared of finals somehow.

The last game I will be getting for this year: Mario Kart 7. During winter, I want to finish all of my backlogs, including ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, MW3 (single player), Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 and Peace Walker, Resident Evil 4, Super Mario 3D Land and ultimately, Dark Souls.


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