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Where Yo' Curleh Mustache At?

Hey yo!

Didn't realize that I haven't updated for almost a week. Believe it or not, it was among the busiest absence. Hey, I still do other things besides gaming, though it is still my primary =D

I didn't do many things last Friday, so let just skip to Saturday. My parents and I went to my grandma's house in Seri Menanti for a kenduri doa selamat. Usually I can meet my cousins at events like this, but most of them are busy with other things (some are married, some are in college etc etc), so only my 2 other cousins were there. Then that evening, we went to my other grandma's house at Kuala Pilah. Visited for only 2 hours, then we went back to Seri Menanti to pick up Wan to go back to Shah Alam.

On Sunday, I went to KLCC with Irshaad for the Career Fair. Unfortunately it wasn't that good for me, maybe because I haven't think that further into my future career (still struggling with my CGPA). But maybe it means something to you guys. Then, on the way to the 3rd floor to buy tickets for movie, we met Liyana Zakaria (she's studying in Wisconsin too) who just came back from her outdoor activity organized by Petronas. She said she wants to ride along back to Shah Alam. Irshaad and I decided to watch Mr Popper's Penguin. What I noticed in the cinema is that it is better to watch when there are a lot of people inside. Compared to my first time watching the movie, I lol'ed a lot more on the second time.

Then I sent Irshaad to his house, with Liyana and her friend Fatin tagging along. Then I found out that Fatin is actually my senior in MRSM Jasin/TGB. She said patut la muka ko macam pernah nampak to me. Yes, my face is kinda well-known to my senior, my batch, and my junior, and mainly because I usually showed my face working in the coop.

On Monday, I went to KL again, wanting to meet Fawwaz to take my Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D. It was a wrong decision to drive in KL in late evening, but thanks to Irshaad's guidance we made it to fetch Fawwaz at Sogo safely. Thank God nothing bad happened, until I lost my Bloggie and my car's engine refused to start. Keeping my anger and frustration inside, we went to eat at a mamak's restaurant. Then, like a miracle, everything started to get back together. I found my camera, and the car finally started. After sending Fawwaz to meet his friend, we went to meet Khairi and Shasha at Wangsa Maju. Shasha is currently in vacation at Hong Kong with his friend, and will be back by tomorrow.

So after three days straight spending time outside, I locked myself down in my own house. Well, at least that what I planned. On Tuesday, Acap called me, asking me to accompany him to Plaza Masalam to get a new simcard and cut it so that it fit to his iPhone 4. Acap also treated me with ice-cream and a drink. Hehe free treatment!


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