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KLCC Again

Yesterday marks the first time I took a public transport (LRT) ever since I came back to Malaysia. I hate public transport because of what happened last year: I unknowingly entered the women's coach (KTM's service) with confidence, only ended up to change coach after a guard ordered me to without realizing what happened. Furthermore, I am more willing to spend time in car during traffic jam rather than standing in a crowded train. At least I can sit, and sing out loud alone (assuming I'm driving alone). But if I can always get a sit every time I entered a train, I'll choose to take train, since I can at least play games or texting while waiting. Can't do that while driving~

Back to the LRT, I went to KLCC using the LRT from Kelana Jaya with Acap. He picked me up at my house and drove from Shah Alam to Kelana Jaya. The trafiic was moving slowly that morning, causing Acap to be a little late to his internship interview. Lucky for him that the interview went just fine, though he is still worried that he might not get it.

I arrived in KLCC at about 10:30 a.m., and my friends that I was supposed to meet were still on the way. While in KLCC, I saw a Rock Band (you know, the game?) booth at the center, so I went to take a look. There was also a Singstar Dance booth. So there was this promotion on Ralph Lauren perfumes. To play the game (I admit that it was the only thing that interest me, not the perfumes), one need to buy their product(s). The player with the highest score will receive an MP3 player from Sony. So...yeah. I'm sure you can guess what happened.

I am not interested with the perfumes, so I had a thought, why not just buy it for my parents? I know my mom will love it (she seems to love it when I gave it to her), but not sure about my father. You know, guys prefer to hide their emotions. I bought two perfumes, but not at the same time. So I played it twice. The first time, I played the drum, and I failed miserably. Then I went to the garden outside and played some Mario vs. Donkey Kong to kill some time. Yes, I bring my games with me everywhere I go.

Then I met my friends, Nana and Atik, going straight to the cinema watching Mr. Popper's Penguin. A very nice movie, and I love it.

Then we all went to the booth again, and this time I asked to play the guitar. I racked up 110000+ points with 96% note hit on Expert after my third attempt (suddenly they gave players a chance to play it three times). Then the attendees gave me a change to play Singstar Dance for fun. Not letting the chance slip by, I went to the other booth and played it. I picked Chris Brown's With You and Ricky Martin's Livin Da Vida Loca, and danced. I don't know how much attention that I attracted at that time. The truth I really love it when people watch me play games (I'll talk about this more), but I am too afraid/embarrassed to turn around and see how many people are watching. I don't know if people are watching or not, but I assume there aren't any haha.

Then we went to lunch, gossip2 and just tanya khabar of each other. We bumped into our old friend, who was also in MRSM Terendak, but haven't heard of him since end of Form 3. I think this is the first time I accidentally met someone I know when going out. My friends are scattered all around the world, so the chance of meeting even one of then by accident is very slim. Damn you guys, why you all have to be so clever?

It was a really nice day out, and I enjoyed myself. Thanks again Nana and Atik


  1. aku ingat aku salah masuk blog. pandang kotak atas - oh, ok. still zafree-mementomori.

  2. haha sori la blog aku selalu bertukar XD


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