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Motoko, Hibiki, Fujiko, Mikiri, Zero

Last post was about my recent activities, and now you will be forced to read about my gaming activities *evil grin*

Let's start with what I play on my PSP. I have Dissidia 012 in my PSP-3000, but I stopped playing after I got back home. My experience with the game is nothing short of awesomeness, and I spent 80+ hours on it, but I wish it has online multiplayer function like the PS3, not only the ad-hoc multiplayer (playing multiplayer locally). Thhe ad-hoc play function on PS3 works well, but only how many of PS3 users also have a PSP? That's why I am excited for PS Vita.

On my PSP Go, I stopped progressing in Final Fantasy VIII for no good reasons. I don't feel like playing it.

Or maybe because this guy is a total jerk

I still don't get why Ocarina of Time is great. I am still early in the game, so I still have my hope on. But the save feature turned me off. It doesn't matter where I save the game, the game starts back at Link's house every time I load the game. Why the hell the game won't allow me to continue on where I just saved the game? I don't want to spent most of time just travelling, and it defeats the purpose of being a portable game.

You always start back at Kokiri Forest no matter where your last save is.
Last week I downloaded Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! from the DSiware. It is a puzzle game I bought for only $7, and it worth more than my money. The game is simple, you just need to set a path for the Mini Marios (who will just walk straight) by using the pink blocks. The more you progress, the more type of terrains, enemies and traps that are revealed. I'm surprised by how the developer manage to get this game become complicated by using such a simple mechanic. I like this type of thinking very much,

And can't help the fact that Mini Marios are cute
On my PS3, I am still playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3, using different combinations of characters to make my close-to-perfect team.

With Zero on every team, of course

Also last week, Capcom announced Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, which will includes 12 new characters, tweaks and extras to the original. I doubt it will be an add-on, but I am willing to buy it. The new characters are:

Marvel side: Hawkeye, Ghostrider (!!), Rocket Racoon, Dr. Strange (!), Nova and Iron Fist

Capcom side: Firebrand, Frank West (!!), Phoenix Wright (!!!), Vergil (!!). Nemesis and Strider Hiryu (!)

Phoenix Wright. Nuff' said.

No objection here, buddy

I am struggling to finish Bioshock 2. I finally see what's the appeal behind the game, and I can see myself playing the game for at least one more time.

And raping Big Sister every time
Again, the title doesn't have anything to do with the post. It's the characters for a manga. I like Hibiki first, then Mikiri, and Fujiko. Don't give a damn about Mokoto and Zero; they should just sleep forever and give the host role to Hibiki.

Updated 7/25/2011 10:45PM

I just played Catherine demo, and I find liking the game. I hope it will arrive in Malaysia by this weekend :)


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