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Tuesday Night Mini-Rants

Finally I am keeping up with my homeworks. There have been a few days in certain weeks that I didn't sleep, or at least just for 2-3 hours worth of sleeps. So today I can enjoy a little bit without worrying too much :) There are still some things to worry, but not study related.

Life is still pretty much the same, nothing really changed. But I really miss talking with someone for hours :( I guess I really do love to talk a lot if I can get the chance hehe. This week I am kinda free so I am thinking about making a post about my belongings or gadgets, and another post about games that I am currently playing. I already took most of the pictures, but I don't have the right time to write about it. Maybe I'll do it starting tomorrow (usually it means later in the future haha).

I rarely played games on my PS3, unless if my friends invited me to play Black Ops (or I invited them). I am into portable games right now, throwing hours into unlocking stuffs in Dissidia 012 and time-travelling in Radiant Historia. I played 3rd Birthday too, but it is a bit unforgiving so I stopped for a while; not sure when will I continue. I enjoy watching my housemate playing Portal 2 and maybe I'll play it after he finishes with the game. I bought Yakuza 4 during its price cut on Amazon, but I still haven't played it yet. Maybe I'll play it when I get back to Malaysia.

Our members of volleyball team are training very hard right now. Of course, we want to win during the Midwest Games :) Two weeks ago, I performed very well for my Actuarial Club volleyball team (got a lot of praises from my teammates :) ). My volleyball class will have tournament starting next week. I can't wait!

I really want to call you right now. In fact, I am holding my phone at this moment. But I know I shouldn't. Damn, it is a mixed feeling. But never mind, I'll wait till you call me, no matter how long will it takes.

That's about it, nothing much to talk right now. Hope you enjoy your days!


  1. So how was Dissidia 012? Honestly, I found dissidia to be a repetitive and level oriented game. Maybe because I suck at this game and I'm afraid that my psp will break for mashing the buttons so extremely, so after finishing zidane's story, I didnt feel like playing anymore :P

    There's an English 3rd Bithday?!

  2. It was great! I already spent 70 hours into the game, and there are still a lot of things to unlock. It is truly a time sinker haha.

    Yes, it is available since last month! The game is good, but it doesn't has the same addiction as Dissidia and the story and cast can be easily forgotten. Thank God I rented the game :D


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