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Show Off Week: Day 2

Thanks for viewing my previous post :D Without further ado, welcome to my second day of SOW. Now is time for my most beloved portable gaming console, the PSP (PlayStation Portable)!

The first time I saw the PSP back in 2006, I knew that I need to get one. But it wasn't until 2008 that I got my hand of it. I bought a blue-colored PSP-2000 with my own money (my mom add a about RM100 for me) in Malaysia, after I got my first income, teaching Olympiad mathematics in my school. The said PSP is in my friend's hand right now.

Late in 2009, I bought a Piano Black PSP-3000 here in the US, and it stays with me until now. The retail price back then was $179.99 (now is $129.99).

PSP has a lot other functions besides to play games. It can play music, videos, surfing internet (though not recommended), comics, and a few more. It also can play PSone games, but it is only downloadable through PSN (PlayStation Network) and not all PSone games are available.

On its own, it is a great piece of hardware. It has a lot of great games to offer, from the cute EyePet to the brutal God of War. In my case, I have been playing PSP a lot more than my PS3.

I have spent a lot of time with my PSP, and these are the recent games that I played:

Persona 3 Portable. My best PSP game ever. Period.
 Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy. Prequel to Dissidia Final Fantasy. Truly a fan-service for Final Fantasy fans like me
 Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. This game set 10 years before the original Kingdom Hearts starts, and tell the story on how everything started. One of the best combat mechanic I experienced.
3rd Birthday and Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. I rented this two games, and save me a lot of money. I am not sure whether I want to finish these games or not. Maybe I'll return it later.

I truly love my PSP, and I can see that I am playing it until its successor arrives (the NGP, Next Generation Portable). There are still a lot of old games that I haven't tried, and most of it are available for download through PSN. But this PSP is not for playing downloadable game. I have another PSP, which I will talk about it in the next post :)

Do I recommend buying a PSP? Of course! With the recent price cut and a lot of cheap games available, you definitely should consider getting one. PSP is a very versatile machine with a lot of function besides gaming, though iPod Touch might be a better choice for all-in-one gadget, and if you are not really into gaming.

With me everywhere I go!


  1. Tactics Ogre!!
    Wh---?? I think Tactics Ogre is a good game to start off. It has good looking people with noses. But I haven't played it until the end yet.

    I heard the PSPGo has already stopped production because it sucks.But Ive never heard of a next Gen PSP. Maybe a PSP with more security buffed OFW?


  2. I really liked Tactics Ogre, but starting Chapter 4 onwards, I can win any battle using the same strategy, so it is getting kinda stale for me. Maybe I'll finish it later.

    I would not call it suck, but I do think it was released with little to no love from Sony.


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