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Show Off Week: Day 1

Welcome to my first day of Show Off Week! Yes, it is exactly what the title said. Starting today, I will post and talk about the things that I have right now and today I will start with my... 3DS! Just want to remind you guys that I am not doing reviews for the items that I am going to post unless someone make a request :)

I bought this little guy during its release day (March 27 2011), and I went for the midnight release. To be exact, I didn't buy the 3DS, I traded my DSi and old games for it. Luckily the trade value is just enough to cover the full price including tax so I didn't have to pay extra :)

The hardware itself is amazing. Somehow I love just looking at it while doing nothing. It look very sleek and glossy, and unlike previous portables (DS, GBA etc) which still have the toy-ish feeling on it, the 3DS looks very authentic and expensive (it IS expensive). There are two colors available in market right now: Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black. In my opinion, the Cosmo Black isn't as beautiful as the Aqua Blue.

The 3DS has a lot of bells and whistles, but it wouldn't be a 3DS if it doesn't has, wait fot it, glassless 3D effect! For now, I like the 3D effect especially on the game Ridge Racer. The 3D effect on Nintendogs isn't that obvious while in Pilotwings Resort it makes my eyes roll. It takes time to adjust to the 3D effect, and thankfully Nintendo provided us with the 3D depth slider. You can turn the 3D on or off ANYTIME you want!

These are the first games that I have. Sadly, I don't spend much time with them. 3DS lacks games that are to my liking, therefore the ability of the 3DS to play DS games is VERY much appreciated :)

Right now I am having a blast with this gem! If you like an RPG with a great story and good gameplay, you definitely should try this game.

The case that I use for my 3DS. The pocket for the cartridge is very thoughtful and well placed. Sometimes I just put the 3DS in my pocket if I don't bring a bag with me.

I really love my 3DS, but the lack of games for me is quite disappointing. Luckily it still can play DS games, so it kinda makes up for that. There are some future titles that I am looking forward too, so I will still hold on to my 3DS :) Come on Nintendo, release those games faster!

It is hard to recommend the 3DS, especially with the high retail price ($250, if you are wondering), and the launch titles aren't that good. But games like Super Street Fighter 3D Edition and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars do stand out from the rest. If you don't have a DS, I say you should go for this baby since it can play DS games. You probably should wait until there are more games for the 3DS, or if you can bear with the launch titles, then don't hesitate.

Unrelated note: Finally! I manage to start writing about my gadgets :D Now off to SERF! I want to burn my calories and fat real bad :(

Last Edited:  8:35 PM 4/28/2011
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  1. waaaaa i really want to have one...

  2. mau - beli jgn tak beli XD

    syahir - kan2. cosmo black tak menarik sangat

  3. 3DS has terrible battery life... or so I heard?

    Is it true?

    And it can destroy the eyesight of babies!! Don't let babies look at the 3D-ness!! :D


  4. If you play 3DS game with the 3D turned on, I think the battery only have 2-3 hours of life. I never checked it personally since I always charge it after done playing, and I played DS game on it more often that 3DS games haha.

    Well, thank God I still don't have any babies XD


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