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Reminding Myself

Human are always forgetful. We forgot almost everything that happened in the past. We tend to forget our history, our roots, or our own mistakes.

During my studies in the US, I always forgot that I need to study harder. It seems that getting 1.00 GPA in the first semester didn't mean anything to me. In the end, MARA terminated my scholarship (after summer semester), as a result for me being forgetful. But everything is not as bad as it seems. I did my best on the last semester so that I won't repeat the same mistake, and I did get a good result. It's the best wake-up call ever. 

My point is, we need to constantly remind ourselves so that we won't repeat the same mistake. It's undeniable that we tend to forget, and there will be time that we do forget. But the best thing to do is, to immediately stop when we know that we are doing something wrong and remind ourselves again. Having someone else to remind us is one way to go, but in the end, the best thing to do is to remind ourselves again and again. Better to remind ourselves first than waiting for something big to remind us in the hard way.

To you, I know I made a lot of mistakes again and again. Now, I will do my best to remind myself so that I won't forget the things that you want me to do and don't want me to do. I regret my actions during this past few days. I really am.

Here I am, watching this video again to remind myself. I really love this video, and didn't get bored even after I watched for ten times straight.


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