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It's Just Not Safe

Just now I went to SACC Mall after I had run an errand for my mother at Maybank (cash depositing)
I went around looking for books and a watch to buy
I bought a 'Kumpulan Do'a Dalam Al-Quran & Hadis' for my grandma (she's looking for this), but I didn't bought anything for me
(When I use my brain to think deeply, I think that the idea to buy a watch is kinda wasting my money since I have many things that can show the time other than a watch)

After a series of walking inside the not-so-promoted SACC Mall, I went back to my car to go home and to have a taste on my grandma's cooking~
I parked my car at

Suddenly there was an Indonesian man approaces me

"Bro, do you want to buy?" he said, while his hand showing a Nokia N95 8GB that is still sealed

Of course, panicking won't do anything so I try to remain calm and ask him like a normal person would do

"How much does it cost?"


"Owh, I'm truly sorry, I don't have enough money"

"How much do you have right now?"

"Less than RM100"

"Lailahailalllah Muhammadarrasulullah...less than RM100?"

Didn't see that coming, because he only wear a singlet on top with a chain on his left arm (I'm kinda don't like guys wearing necklace or chains, sorry)

"Yeah..I'm truly sorry..(eceyh)"

"What phone are you using right now?"

"Sony Erricson W660 only.."

"Which one?"

I don't why he keep hesitating me, but since my phone is looking old and 'bruises' are all over it, I guess there's no problem to show it to him, so I took out my phone from my right pocket in my jeans.

He didn't say anything, only replied with a nod

Then, with desperate look on is face, he asked me again

"Don't you have at least RM300? Or RM200?"

"No..I'm sorry, but thanks anyway", while I slowly get into my car.

"It's ok"

Then the man left, looking for other prey, while leaving an unpleasent stench coming from his mouth. Liquor, I think.

Thank God that the man is not the violent type and I didn't show the thing inside my other pocket~


There are some things that I kept thinking after that

Firstly, is the man really that desperate on getting a money? He only bring the phone with him, and he ain't got a bag with him. I speculating that either the phone is a truly fake one or he steal it somehow (just my thoughts from logical thinking)

Second, shouldn't there be at least a guard to watch the parking place? At first I thought maybe the manager of SACC thought that there is no need for guards there, since there are hidden CCTV at the parking lot (How do I know? Because I had been caught once at the SACC and taken by the guards to the control room, so while waiting, I observed the surveillance TV :P)

But then I saw a guard sitting at the side of the parking lot and playing with his handphone. WTF is that? You shouldn't be a guard then man...Go find a life la

I hope things like this is kept away from Wisconsin-Madison..


  1. patot ko langgar dia, pastu amik hp tuh...takya beli hp baru da... :D

  2. xnk aku, skali N95 xleh pakai en

    rugi jer aku langgar dier

    kalo dier offer iPhone ke, N97 ke,E72 ke, baru aku langgar


  3. haha..relek r..nsib bek ko pndai auta..kalo x, da jadi fakta lak ko kne rompk..

  4. dolah - tu la..aper2 pun kte kena tenang! :D

    aisya - sbb hensem sgt ;)

    naqib - sibuk jer ko en?haha


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