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iPod Touch~

(Edited at 1042, 08/19/09)

On 10th August 2009, I made a big decision by buying an iPod Touch 16GB (2nd generation)
Of course, the decision was not easy to made
I never had the intention of having one actually :p

After more than a week using it, I think about giving my review to this gadgets~
Only the basics
(This review is mostly targeted to my friends who are going to US, especially to those who are going to buy an iPod there :D)

FYI, this is my first time to own an Apple product


With size 110mm x 61.8mm x 8mm and screen size of 3.5 in, it couldn't get any better. It will fit into most of your pockets, but maybe just fit enough if you are wearing jeans XD
The screen is large enough for you to feel the sensation of navigating through the iPod at your fingertips. Believe me, you feel satisfied just by sliding the menu!


-Wi-Fi (the main reason for having iPod :p)
-Bluetooth (for 3.0 only, which you can upgrade within iTunes)
-USB port 2.0


Using non-removable lithium battery with built in charger, it can last for about 6 hours for videos, and about 36 hours for musics
The battery drains very fast if you use it with Wi-Fi connection


It has Sarari web browser, mail, Youtube, Google maps, voice memos, music player, video player, photos, App Store and iTunes
You need to have iTunes in your laptop to put songs, videos, photos and applications to your iPod
Alternatively for applications, you can download it from your iPod using App Store

There are a lot of Apps that you can download from App Store, including games, al-Quran, dictionary, and many more

Some Apps that I would like to highlight are Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, Facebook and eBuddy, since these Apps make it easier for you to get connected, especially if you want to contact your parents at home :) (fall under 'Social Networking' category)

For calling using Skype, you need to buy earphones with mic, which you can get in stores for RM129.00 (in Machines store)

Ease of use

Since browsing using the iPod is all about touching the screen with your finger, it can be better or worse sometimes.

You can navigate very quickly and it is very smooth, but you will have difficulties to type when you use it for the few first time
I guesss the only problem is when your finger is too big for certain tasks xp


I guess that is the basic of it
For the prices, you can google it for more accurate price
I bought it for RM1229.oo~
Do ask me if you have any inquiries! I'd be happy to help~

I use the iPod Touch for :
- Music
- Browsing internet
- Google Maps
- Check my mails
- Yahoo! Messenger
- Skype-ing
- Facebook-ing
- Dictionary
- al-Quran
- Playing games (a must for me!!)

(For next post, I will compare iPod Touch with Nintendo DS Lite and PSP-2000)


  1. tgn aku kecik je mmg patut laa pakai ipod touch! ahahaahahhaahah

  2. tapi x beli gak en

    so xyah ngade


    enjoy jer la ngan Canon IXUS 980 IS tuh, dgr citer leh on9 guner kamera tuh~ xD

  3. pergh...ada request...

    cer ko try online wifi selama yg boleh tanpa on apa2 apps...nak tgk benchmark dia berapa lama...

    kalo ikot org lain kat internet, 3 jam je max...

  4. abby - hehe misti aa!

    adam - kat rumah aku, aku mmg online all the time
    tp kalo online n tak wat aper2, dier akan stay gitu jer, and battery pun x gerak
    aku rase bergantung kepada data sent and received

    so kalo dier stay online without doing any task, it stay that way la
    harap saya dapat menjawab soalan anda!~

  5. oit..ko nih bley jd promoter ipod dow..patut amek ko kje je..haha..bgus2..tmbh lg 1 xnk? i-phone..?hehe xP

  6. weh, aku rase baek ko bli kt US je..kt US handset n alat2 elektronik agak kalo ko dh bli nk wat cm mane kan

  7. coco - pergh perli!tau aa dah ader iPhone...tape2 tunggu aa nanti aku beli.haha

    acap - aku sajer nk men-try kat sini dlu..sbb satu mende aku malas nk faham ikut orang review...baik rase sendiri.hehe


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