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I Think About My Mom Again

We, the Wisconsin's students-to-be, are dealing with a problem about our flight ticket
Our ticket is supposedly at 23rd of August, but since our registration for orientation is at 24th, we asked for our ticket to be earlier

Just now (about 2100, 1st August) Ili told us that 80% of us are going at 23rd :((
So we are still waiting for the last decision

I told this to my mom, that maybe we are leaving earlier
She was kinda sad that I had to go earlier

Yeah, the clock is still ticking and our time of departure is getting near
Of course my mother cannot stay calm, and always wish that the departure time can be delayed, even for one second

She must be worried about everything, even the things that is not a problem at all

I'm thinking
How she will face the days with his son is very far away; the place that she couldn't reach easily
How long will she worried about me?
When will she gets better?

She is my mom after all, so I'm sure she will be strong, and I'll pray for it
Now, I am the one who is getting worried

Am I going to miss my mom just like I missed her when I was in boarding school?
Will I cry alone?
Am I going to be okay?
How long will I be gloomy and sad?
Am I just running away from her by going to US?

I know I'm already old enough, but I can't help the feelings that I will be missing her very very much

I'll miss you mom
I always love you

Ya Allah
Kau sayangilah kedua ibu bapa ku sepertimana mereka menyayangiku sejak aku kecil
Lindungilah mereka daripada sebarang bencana
Kau permudahkanlah urusan mereka
Kau murahkanlah rezeki mereka
Kau ampunkanlah segala dosa mereka


  1. 23 tu lame lagi kot bro.. chill la.. happy flying:D

  2. Ala,zafree aku yg hepi dgr ko nak fly dah x hepi
    suma org homesick tp keep it in control k
    jaga diri
    aku doakan ko

  3. mujuz - weyh...sori aa x dpt tgk ko fly hari tu..aku tau pun sehari lepas ko dah fly..huhu

    anon - thanx.. :)

  4. hoho
    ank mithali btol ko zaf.
    relax la wei
    skype ade kot

  5. jgn sentimental sgt dowh..aku fly lg awal kot..sedey ar aku

  6. naqib - haah...aku blom add mak aku lg

    mujuz - ko amik course aper eyh?

    acap - hoho ko kan ader mashi yg sentiasa akan menemani ko?hehe

  7. rilek zap..rilek2
    sbg org yg berpengalaman
    mesti ok pnye la nnt..
    rase xde beze sgt ngn boarding school
    cume len tempat n x slalu jmpe family laa..
    xmcm mase mrsm..cuti je bole balek
    nnt bes la tu fly..

  8. ooo ye ke...
    kekdg biler pk pasal bnyk mende jd risau gak


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