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Got No Effort To Think For A Title

This miniscule being has something to say from bottom of his small heart


Dear summer semester
It is only for month that we were together
But there are abundant of events that I could not forget
I get to know more people
Involved with many activities
But in the same time
I lost many things
My emotions were unstable
You really gave a big impact in my life
It hurts
Really hurts
I learnt a lot from you
Thank you

Dear friend
We are friends since our first meeting
I really envy you, on every aspect
You have everything that I always wanted
But you had never been boastful or looked down on others
That's why I really enjoyed being around you
I love it when I can say everything that is on my mind to you
Even the craziest idea, you will listen to me
But things never meant to go smooth all the time
I made the biggest mistake ever
I never knew that what I did had an effect on you
You can't accept my way
Yeah, I never blamed you on that
I should be respectful and never did it
I never could accept this one 
I thought that you can say it straight to my face
Suddenly, you just seems far away
You never said it to me
I was wrong
I should never expect people to always be like I think
Maybe I knew nothing about you
My life isn't the same when you are not around, you know
I know
It is my fault that I lost a great person as a friend
It was never the same
I admit
That I love you
Maybe that is too gay for you
You never liked it from the start
I should realized it sooner
I'm not as smart as you to think for myself
I am feelish after all
I'm sorry
That I made your life more 'gay'
I really wanted to talk to you
But I find it so hard to do it
I'm still mad
It's not you, it's me

Dear friend
Although we rarely met
There are a lot of things about you that I heard
We share some things in common that it's easy for us to talk to each other
Initially, I was kinda afraid with you actually
But as we get to know each other better
I find it's easy to talk to you
You always help me with a lot of things
Especially envolving my feelings
Yeah, you helped me a lot
I'm thankful that you are there
Your words are harsh, but I never rejected it
But you know
Don't ever assume that you know everything
Yeah, you never said it
But you meant it
Maybe I'm emotionally worst than yours
But I know what I'm doing
You should know her better than me
You should never talk about her like that
You want her to change, but don't assume that you everything about her
I know that you have known her for a longer time than I am
But I never thought that you would say something like that
For a while there, my impression towards you had changed
You want others to listen to you, but have you ever listen to what others say about you?
You are emotionally better than me, you should know
I thank you for all the things that you have done
I hope that we are still friends
I still have a lot of things to talk to you with

Dear myself
I never knew you that well
Sometimes, I really hate you
You never knew what you were doing
You never knew that you always hurt others
Maybe you were never meant to love others
Maybe you were never meant to be loved by others
Maybe you should start thinking of leading a solitary life
So that you would never hurt others
So that others won't have to waste their time on you
So that you will be all alone
I hate you
Change your way of life
I'm begging you
Or do you want to hurt others again?
You really love to hurt others aren't you?
F**k off
Stay away from others, you hear me?
Don't show yourself until you have changed
You just made other people's life worst
What about all your promises?
You never fulfilled them
You really make me feel gross you know
Maybe your existence were never meant to be
Goodbye for now


This miniscule being had done saying
He need his time to be emotional sometimes


  1. oh..knape kah pnjang sgt??
    english lak tuh..

    xpe2..tggl gak kumen~

  2. ni utk laki ke perempuan?

    confuse aku.

    ok ak rase laki

    -That I love you
    Maybe that is too gay for you-

    Serious gay. Haha

  3. i think he can forgive you and know that he's not that perfect himself. he'll forgive you don't worry. just give him some time.

  4. azrul - sajer amik mase nak emo jap...huhu

    fariz - tu zaman2 jahiliah punyer kenangan tuh...haha

    rayza - long time no see rayza.yeah...he'll be fine.I'm sure of it


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