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This Post Is About Madison

This is the place where we had our convocation~~


After a very long and tiring journey, we arrived at Madison last week (24th August)
So, how about our life here?

Hey wake up already!

Everything's great here!
That's simplify everything~~

People here are nice; you don't know anything just ask them directly
(Better than Malaysian who claim that they are nice but actually they don't. I'm sorry, but it is the truth, people here are way much nicer)

It is hard to adapt to the climate here, but I'll be just fine
It's frickin' cold here, especially after rains had stopped
You will be covering yourself with a blanket and maybe another comforter

Right now there are no problems on getting foods since we are in fasting month
We still have a lot of food supply that we brought from Malaysia and foods that we bought during our shopping here~~
And there is a senior who delivers food to us for break fast (USD5.00 per food)

Shopping is a MUST!

Anything else?
Yeah, my class is only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which are quite pack, but managable~~
It means I have 4 days free per week!
But I'm still going to study hard, that's my pledge
The buildings are quite far, so I'll be needing a bike which I will get this evening!!!Yaayy!!

Wanna take a ride?

Entertainments? A lot of them!!
There are many things unexplored to do here, but nobody will die out of boredem
Taking a walk around campus area is also nice (still haven's explored, so no pictures :( )
And presenting my main entertainment...

Hey I'm in the TV!

Can you see the PS3 Slim and Wii?

It is easy to communicate among us Malaysian here since we already had our own number and phone
I think each of our house has Wi-Fi connection, except for maybe a few
The connection is very very fast! Even uploading pictures for this post tooks less than two minutes

Getting our free phone~

I guess that's it for now, I'll be updating my blog more often, so please view it if you have time!

Let the Wheel of Fortune spins!


  1. macam bestt jee ko hidop kat saner zafree... hehehe
    i thought ko soranggg, haha
    rupenye banyak gengg!! kekee,
    okayy la tuu...
    have fun, tc ;)

  2. wow.bestnyer dengar yor story.
    all da best kt new place

  3. waaaaa

    best best.

    tak sbr nak fly jugak. huhu

  4. awin - iwh aku x ckp eyh yg member aku ramai kat sini?
    of coz aa aku hav fun~hahaha

    adventurer - mmg best sbb hidup kat sini pun best :D

    redbirdfe - rase dok malaysia puas2 dlu...nanti2 rindu susah lak

  5. zafree..
    ko wat idup kita kat sini nampk indah laa~

    i think it is..

  6. acap - kongsi satu bilik dowh...

    nani - of coz aa hidup sini indah... ;)


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