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First Month In Denver

We're going for holiday today!yaay!
after about 3 weeks of classes, and most lecturer left us assignments to do
Not to complaint, it is just the fact
I had a very wonderful time in my class; my classmates and lecturers are really great!
Everything is great this semester
and I hope it will last :)

So, after 3 weeks being enrolled in class, I discover a few things about my classmates
I haven't talk to everyone, so there are a few of my classmates that I did not know very well
And of course, we haven't been too close yet

Adam - The class rep. He is very cool and somehow has this mysterious aura around him. The way he talks is very soft, and I think that's what make him cool

Irshad - I never thought that he can speak in Japanese!wow!I really wanted to learn Japanese (to play video games in Japanese Dissidia)

Raja - He is not an Indian (ampun Tuanku), and his full name is Raja Alauddin. He sits besides me so there are many things about him I can talk about. His favorite phrase is "Kutuk aa" when somebody talk about him (ampun lagi)

Syazwi - My friend since I joined the IMO camp. Sits besides me too, and there's too much about this guy that I can say. Just the important one : he is one of the hottest stuff. owh, and everyone is talking about his new hair

Ashraf - He really like to laugh even at the slightest jokes. He is a genius in C++, and really into it.

Naqib - You'll think that he is very 'otai', but he has a very soft heart

Khairi - My roomate. He is very talkative, especially with the girls sit near him. But he is not a wowanizer, don't worry. It just that girls like to talk to him becoz he is very friendly, although we call him otai

Nazli - This guy is very funny, but mostly he didn't mean to make jokes. Believe me, you should watch him giving a speech, he will do jokes unintentionally.

Tengku - Guys will say he is weird, and girls will say he is cute. Me? I think I never associate him with the word 'normal'. He is a nice guy; with some weird nature

Afiqah - Every time we talk about a place, she will know it. it's like she had been everywhere in Malaysia. According to my lecturer, she posses alluring voice but she doesn't know how to use it~

Naimah - I haven't talk to her yet, so give me time. hehe. She sits at the front besides Afiqah

Fazira - According to my lecturer again, she has the power to attract all guys in the world. She is very nice, but I haven't talk to her very frequently

Yati - She can answer questions in exam with one eye closed! The truth is, her left eye cannot see anymore. But don't worry, she leads a happy life, according to her. Her past story is very inspiring; maybe I'll tell you all later (she gave permission to all of us)

Asila - My classmate since last semester. She had this kind of speech that is really unique, I don't know how to explain. My friend says that she has a very unique face. Owh, she really love gossips :)

Zahira - One of Asila's best buddy. She is really outspoken, and very confident when talking in front. She too, love gossiping. hehe

Fatin - Naqib's girlfriend since last semester. She really likes to borrow my NDS from me, just to play Brain Age. You can see her with Naqib together almost everytime :p

Sarah - I thought she is not the type who talks a lot. Khairi likes to tease her like "Sarah...jangan aa cakap ngan laki lain...". They were friends since primary school

Asma - I only talked to her once when she asked me about Calculus. Hope we can get closer~

Hani - I didn't have the chance to talk to her yet, but I (we) know that she has a very powerful speech. jgn aa borak ngan Khairi jer!

Nabila - According to Khairi, she is quite shy actually. Seriously, I never thought that. Hope you can talk more~

I'm sorry if I had say anything that make you feel uncomfortable, I never it mean that way. I just wanna say thanx to you guys because I really enjoyed our class. Hope we will become more and more closer! I love you guys! (I'm not gay!!)


  1. so btol la aku ckp japanese is the 2nd most important language to a gamer kan? haha! eh kwn kau tu bleh bace kanji sumer ke? respect ah kalau boleh.

  2. seriously dow...
    banyak game bleh main kalau tau bahase jepun...
    aku nak main dissidia!!

    itu aku x sure..
    bley gak kot...

  3. hahah...mysterious sgt ker aku nih? pergh....taktaw la samada tu perkara baik @ sebaliknyer...ekekeke...

  4. agak aa...

    ko kan cam x bercakap kecuali perlu...


    bukan aa perkara buruk atau baik...tu kan personaliti ko


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  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. aku setuju dgn ur 1st subject
    adam class rep yg cool!
    seperti yg tertulis atas attendance sheet class miss daya
    kidding bro =P
    no matter wut happen
    im supporting you to the end
    go adam! go adam!
    go clas rep! go class rep!

    btw zafree
    line terakhir itu cukup gay

  8. apsal ko terangsang ke?
    naluri gay ko datang balik eyh?



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