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Me and Raihan~

It had been two weeks and two days since I'm with Raihan
Only few of my friends knew about us

"What about Farahin?" you asked? should know if you had read my previous post

Back to the topic
There are many things that we did
Not only in this two weeks because I knew her since four month ago
Since I entered my class (Boston) at INTEC
Yup, she is my classmate, special one (huhu)

In class, I like to stick around her
dunno myself
She is very outspoken, maybe that triggers everything

I'm still with Farahin at that time
There is a big reason why I stick with Raihan eventhough I was with Farahin at that time
(I already told Farahin)
Maybe I'll explain here later

Our relation start at 7th November (7/11)

I don't know how to put it into words about her...
Never mind, it's enough just for me alone to know

What I more concerned is what I had become
Somehow I become more sensitive
Not the good one of course
I always think the negative side first if anything related to us (not her) happened
like when she doesn't answer the phone, most of the time I will think that she is mad at me (I overcomed this one already)

I'm a guy with full of confidence (only laziness is my problem)
But when it comes to relationship...I'm the worst,believe me
I need to be more positive..


  1. common zafree, be positive ok?
    sampai bile nak pikir negative..

    [ceyh, aku nasihat kn org..aku nih? wahahaha]

    jump to conclusion, "rilek2 sudeyh".

    ooopss...maybe phrase tu valid ntuk previous relationship ko. n_n

  2. ...wht do u mean by puting dat punction?

  3. hm...tanyer aa diri ko kalo rajin~

    nk tau tego aa aku kat ym :)

  4. zfree..hope that u n raihan wil hav a longlasting rlationshp..:D

  5. thanx eye-in~

    dah kali ke-3 ko ckp tuh


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


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