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Not Emo

(I'm not creative when it comes to giving name or titles)

Exam mood is filling the air in UW right now. Students are everywhere as long as there are tables for them to study. I am not one of them, unfortunately, since I don't like to study in the open. I don't like people seeing me studying, maybe because of my ego of not letting me to be one of the knowledge-eating zombies. I like to study at my own pace, and I feel that I studied better when I'm alone. 

I had my Manga quiz last week, so that's one down. The quiz is fun, it's a stress reliever. But the topics that we currently learned are a bit harder, so I need to work..harder. I wish I have a broader choice of vocabulary. 

I have one midterm this week, and it would be Linear Algebra. I need to do a lot of revision on Tuesday so that I won't do silly mistakes. Owh I did miss one Linear Algebra class (on purpose) last week, and turned out it's the class with a lot of stuff learned, and I missed a lot of things. It's proven by this week's homework. I didn't have any difficulty on most problems (except for one), and I just learned it from the textbook. This is a gift I received from Him, but lately I never seem to be thankful. I need to change this part about me..

There are two papers that I need to hand in by next week. One is draft one for video game essay, and one is English class's essay. I guess this would be my biggest problems, especially the English essay. Maybe I have to ask my professor about it.

I like how there are no other Malaysians in 3 of my classes. I don't know why, but I feel much better and calm. 

Just finished my class for today (only one class!) and I have my part time jobs at 11-1pm, then new staff training at 5-7pm, and lastly custodial job at 7-11pm. I can only pray that there will be no big jobs for today..

My schedules are like this:
Monday: 11-1pm, 7-11pm
Wednesday: 11-1pm
Friday: 7-9pm
Saturday: 9-11am
Sunday: 10-2pm

My supervisor is offering me to work 7-10am on Sunday. I want to do it, but I am afraid I won't wake up in time (it's 7 in the morning!). Maybe I'll ask for 8-10am. I think I want to work 3-7pm too. But that can be decided later. 

I haven't played games that frequently, but I started to feel stress when I don't play any games. So I bought two games, Resistance 3 and Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, and I feel much, much secured. I know I won't be playing them anytime soon, but it relieves me to know that I can choose what I want to play when I feel like playing games. I played the single player campaign of Resistance 3, and I simply love it. It's not generic, and I love the weapons, the atmosphere, the pacing and the story. No comments on multiplayer yet, but I'm loving the campaign to the max. It's really a game where you are playing, unlike other FPS campaigns out there that are forcing you to do what the game want you to do specifically. 

I always said "I don't have anything important to say" whenever you asked "Is there anything you want to talk about". It was a spontaneous answer. I want to talk to you a lot more, and I have like hundreds of things to say. But I guess I can live with it. Haha I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here. Can I call you again sometimes?

I'll keep praying for you.


  1. Hey, yo. I don't know who or where else to ask this question so I'm just gonna post it here.

    Why is making a US visa such a pain in the butt?

    Anyway, did you have to pay for the visa application fee when you wanted to go to the US? I'm making the J-1 type, and I'm SERIOUSLY confused about whether paying up or just go and bang the door at the US embassy to just issue me a VISA, like RIGHTNOWFERGODSSAKE.

    And where the heck can I get a 2x2 inch photo with a plain background?? All the shops around here are blue background passport photos.

    Dat DS-160 Form. Dat SEVIS fee. Dat photo. Dat DS-blablabla form. Ugh, the headaches..

  2. hey kai long time no see. so you're going to Harvard right? first of all congratulations!

    yeah I did go through the same process. I think I did the payment online, but I'm not sure before or after I went to US embassy. But I think you should pay it first. I hope there's other commenter who can clarify this for me.

    I get the photo on a small shop in Shah Alam. I think you just need to ask around more, there are bound to be at least one somewhere near you, I believe.

    Yeah getting into US is such a pain, but you'll forget all those after you complete everything hehe.

  3. I found the picture yaaaay!

    At this rate if I ever get to the US, it'll already be winter.

    Another pain in the butt. I am getting so butthurt here.

    Hopefully there won't be any future news of a Malaysian who died of hypothermia on day 1 of arrival to the US.

  4. Haha prepare yourself! Maybe by gaining more fats :p


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