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Show Off Week: Day 5

Okay I know I am posting this like a little bit too late, but still, better late than never (lame excuse). I am busy distracting myself with something else this weeks (out of frustrations and sadness) but never mind about that. So...welcome to day 5! Today I will be presenting an item that I rarely use nowadays: iPod Touch (mine is the 2nd Generation)

One picture is enough, since it doesn't has any battery life. I haven't charge it for like almost two full semesters.

"But wait! Isn't iPod Touch is very useful an has a lot of apps and games? Why aren't you using it?"

Yeah, it is a very good device. In fact, when the first time I got my hand on it (somewhere near June 2009), I can't stop using it for like a few months (only). But as a gamer, it doesn't has a lot of games that I personally like (Angry Bird? I played for a few times before I got bored). I prefer playing games on my PSP or DS. There aren't that many games on App Store that I can indulge into (Chaos Ring is the only exception).

"So you say you prefer your other portables compared to iPod Touch. So there's nothing wrong with it right?"

To be honest, iPod Touch is one of the most impressive gadgets I have seen. But there are a few things about the iPod that turned me off:

iTunes - Yes, I truly despise iTunes. Not because of the iTunes itself, it is because whenever I want to enter some songs to my iPod Touch, the iPod need to be synced. Just call me lazy if you want, but I still prefer the  click-and-drag method.

Lack of great games - Maybe this one is bad only in my opinion. Especially since I have played with PSP and DS. But there are a lot of good games like Angry Bird, Chaos Rings, Infinite Blade, Rage HD and more (just not THAT great). Chances are, most of iPod Touch users are casual gamer, so this games doesn't really matter (except Angry Bird).

I think that's the only two reasons I don't use my iPod Touch that much. So it's not "a few things". My bad.

"But there must be a few things that you like about your iPod Touch, right?"

Of course. These are the things that I like about my iPod

Surfing internet - probably the best thing about iPod Touch. Best to use it before getting into sleep, and making you sleepless at night.

Long battery life - probably longer than DS battery life, but the battery drain quickly when surfing the internet.

A lot of apps to choose from - I'm sure there are a lot more useless app than useful one (like this one), but we get to choose what we want to buy. Just be a smart user and careful when buying apps

I know, I know. There are a lot of good things about it compared to the bad. It's not like I don't like my iPod Touch, it's just that I prefer other devices. But I still want to keep it.

"So should I buy it?"

I definitely recommend you to buy one if you feel like buying it. It has a lot of apps, and very versatile (except that it cannot play Flash). You will most probably use it to check your Facebook and emails whenever you get the chance. The latest iPod Touch (4th Generation) has two built-in cameras, facing front and back. You have three choices of storage size, 8GB ($229), 32GB ($299) and 64GB ($399). I think the only device that can top it, unsurprisingly, is iPhone. Maybe you should get an iPhone 4 if you don't have a phone yet and want an iPod Touch.


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