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Show Off Week: Day 3

Yesterday I talked about my PSP-3000. Today, I want to talk about its other version, which is the PSPgo.

I bought the PSPgo at Best Buy before coming back to Malaysia last summer during a promotion, and I get $50 off by fulfilling a certain condition. It was totally worth it. I spent a lot of time playing games on my PSPgo, just as much as my PSP-3000

The most glaring differences between th PSP-3000 and the PSPgo is the hardware and design. PSPgo is designed to be smaller, and it ditched the UMD. Meaning if you already have the PSP-3000, you won't be able to play all your previous games you bought.

(I going to change the format of posting)

What I like:

Smaller size
PSPgo is smaller than PSP-3000, and making it easier to fit into the pocket. Thus I don't have to bring a bag with me to store my PSPgo. It is convenient~

Large Storage
It has 16GB storage memory, and you can add another 16GB using Micro M2 memory card. I stored a lot of games, sings and videos into it, and there are still a lot of space available.

There are two benefits that PSPgo has by the Bluetooth: headset connectivity and PS3 controller. My friend, who has a PSPgo and a Bluetooth headset, truly enjoyed this function. I think that was the only reason he bought the PSPgo. If you have PS3, you can use it to play the PSP game, but it still won't make up for the PSP's lack of second analog. But it is nice to play PSP games with a controller.

A lot of games being added to PSN
Besides the PSP games, Sony is also constantly adding PSone games and some Minis like Angry Bird to the PSN, thus making the PSPgo truly worth it as a download-only portables.

What I dislike:

Not all games are available
Sony has been working hard to make the game for the PSP to be available for download in the same day as the UMD release and to include previous games, but there are a few games that aren't available. Most notable games are Crisis Core FFVII, Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep D:<

No UMD means no special/collector's edition 
Not that much of a con, but it sure sucks when you can't get a pre-order bonuses or buy the special edition. That's why my PSPgo is full of older games, since I usually buy new games for my PSP-3000 instead of PSPgo (except God of War: Ghost of Sparta).

PSPgo is expensive, and being able to play only downloaded games means you can't sell the game once you are done. You really need to plan ahead if you want to buy a game since you can't return it. Granted, you are still able to download demos for most of the games, but not all. But if you delete your games, you can still download them for 4 more times (you are allowed to download it 5 times per purchase)

Do I recommend it?
NO. Unless you are truly into download-only piece of machine. The short term reason is that the PSN is currently undergoing "maintenance", meaning you can't buy and download games for some time. If you really want it, then you will invest a lot more money than the previous model of PSP. Higher price point, and the inabillity to return/sell your games might turn you off. It is truly hard to recommend the PSPgo.

PSPgo is truly a magnificent piece of hardware in my opinion, but it would be better if Sony give it a lot more support since the beginning. In Japan, the production of PSPgo is already stopped, and that really says something about its reception. Nevertheless, I still love my PSPgo since I don't have to bring a lot of UMDs with me~

If you have any question, just leave a comment below :) Tomorrow, I will be talking about the items that I always bring with me :D


  1. omg... how much money do you spend on all these? damn...

  2. ...any information regarding that is be honest I am afraid to know XD

  3. jahahaha
    i want to buy one of those but i have never played them before so that's why i dont buy any ^^
    I'll just stick to pc games...i mean dota

  4. well better don't, especially if you don't have any games that you want to play on it. well, unless you have the urge of wanting to try it out XD aku tak pernah main game PC :(


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