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What's So Special About Maturity?

At least for a gamer like me, this "maturity" is for people over 18. If a game is rated M (for Mature), then only a person 18 or above can buy it. But do maturity grow alongside with age? Do all people who are at least 18 are matured? Of course not.

According to TheFreeDictionary, mature is defined by "Of, relating to, or characteristics of full development, either mental or physical." If we are going with the definition, then certainly we can see that age does not really confide our maturity, especially on the mental part.

I don't really have a lot to talk about maturity, at least when viewing at myself. I know I am 20 this year, but I never feel like I am mature enough. I can never say that "I am matured!" to everyone since there are always some parts of my mental and thinking skills that haven't matured enough.

A few people I know always care too much about maturity. They can even declare themselves of being mature to others. I know that nothing is wrong with that IF they are truly mature. But don't you think that we don't really have to say that we are mature for others to realize it? Maturity is shown rather unconsciously. Plus, why need to show your so-called maturity? You make yourself look more pathetic.

To be honest, I hate people that deal too much with this "maturity". They talk about it, they try to define it, they tell others, but in the end they ended up being more childish. To make themselves more "mature", they judge people and then decide whether they are matured or not. Don't you think that is proof enough that you are childish?

If you want maturity, then stop thinking about it too much. I know a friend of mine who is really matured but don't have to say anything about maturity. In Madison, there is a friend of mine that is really matured. She doesn't has to brag about her being matured or not. You can see how she manage herself diligently. I don't know how to define it more clearly, but if you hang out with her, you somehow feel that she is older than her age is.

There is no exact way to prove that you are matured, but at least don't freely decide who are matured or not. You, who can't even take a word from others, want to call yourself mature? You, who always want attention of others, want to call yourself independent? You, who can easily get upset by even the smallest matter, yet still want to justify that you are matured? Know your place.


  1. weren't you the one who always brought up this "maturity" issue?
    you claim you're yet mature but you talks about it as if you are.and do you think you're matured enough to pass judgement on who is and who's not?
    growing old is mandatory,growing up is does growing buncit =P

  2. maybe because I kinda put my emotion when I was writing this, so this post actually deals a lot more with opinions, not factual. thanks for pointing that out

    I do claim that I am not mature yet, but it is based from what I see about myself. But you do see me as if I mature, based from what I wrote. If I claim I am not matured, then should I show that I am not matured in my writing? Do you expect me to write as childish as I can? From what I view in my writing, there are still a lot of flaws to justify myself as mature. I just wrote what I felt and what came to my mind. So my question to you is, is it wrong for me to wrote maturely (from what you see) when I claim that I am not mature? Sorry, maybe I didn't really get what you are saying just based on what you write. Provided with the intonation, maybe I'll interpret it correctly. Sorry if I misinterpreted it. Blame it on my immaturity (sarcastic tone)

    Nope, of course I am not matured enough to pass judgement. But this is my own opinion that I came up with what I saw. Of course, there will be flaws all over the place. Maybe there is too much emotions involved when I wrote.

    nie macam dah buat post baru jer

  3. i sincerely think that blog is a playground for that inner child in yourself..not only u,everyone i mean..
    why would you want to sound mature when you're not?you're implying "be someone you're not".anyway,isn't it fun to be childish?i do ^^

  4. I do enjoy being a child than an adult though. But when someone said claim that they are mature, then the responsibility fell upon them to be what they said. Especially if it is mentioned on real life. Well anyway being mature is not by saying that we are matured to others~

  5. aah stuju2. why bother nk tunjuk2 maturity. xperlu pn. klau konsep amalan bahaya ni. sibuk2 nk beramal soleh sbb nk org nampak. sibuk2 nk org nampak kte cm orang yg baik. xperlu pung. klau nk buat baik, buatla xkre dpan org ke x, itu baru ikhlas bkan dibuat2. sme gak cm matured. klau sibuk2 nk tnjuk org yg kte ni matured(kononnye), nmpak sangat la xmaturednye. org matured xpkir psal bnde2 remeh cmtu. byk lagi bnde lain yg lebih penting daripada tu; amalan idup sume.

    sbb ape? org yg matang merancang utk masa depannya, akhiratnya.

    org matured x sibuk2 ckap psal maturity, org matured sibuk nk baiki diri supaya lebih matured.

    org matured xsibuk2 carik kesalahan org lain tapi sibuk membaiki dirinya agar lebih baik.

    org matured melihat apa yg diperkatakan, bkan siapa yang berkata(kata2 ulama',xigt spe :p). mcm comment ni. yg matured dn profesional akan respon(xkre terime or refute) dgn profesionalnya, bkan menampakkan egonya.

    matured tu dari segi agama maksudnye tau prioriti. tau bnde yg lebih utama ntara2 yg utama.

    kene igt gak org yg matured dlunye xmatured gak. malah rmai yg ble dh matured maybe akan gelak pkir2 tindakan kte time xmatured dlu.

    *btw, zaf, pos ko ad ksinambungan ngn koko kan. haha



  6. kenapa semua org nak komen sbgai anonymous? aku pun nak lah!

  7. I don't understand why some people just don't want to admit that they are the guilty party actually

  8. anon #1
    let's just say there are a lot of aspects that deal with our way of thinking and maturity. How matured we are are reflected on how and what we act and said, but not just by claiming we are matured

    anon #2
    yes sila2, aku pun tak larat dah nak deal dengan orang2 yang tak nak berdirect haha

    anon #3
    well it is natural. when we feel guilty, we always try our hardest to cover it by making ourselves look like we are on the right side. There is no one to be blamed in this case

  9. Bagi aku kan...bincang psal
    maturity nih menunjukkan tahap maturity sendiri...apa tahapnye? Pikirla sendiri....masing2 ngan definition sendiri....well, maybe its just me...

  10. Mungkin, orang yang bincang pasal maturity nie la orang yang mature sebab diorang tau apa yang diorang bincang (bila aku guner diorang maksudnya aku cakap secara general, dan jugak include diri aku). tapi mungkin jugak diorang tak mature sebab kenapa perlu bukak hal nie kalau dah mature? tu pendapat aku jer la

    plus, biler orang tu dah matang tak semestinya dier dah matang dalam semua benda. Contoh macam orang yang dapat buat decision yang matang dalam hubungan antara manusia tak semestinya matang bila dalam bab pekerjaan. tu contoh jer la

    senang citer matang nie bukan all-or-none. hoho jauhnya aku mengarut

  11. heh aku baru perasan yang aku guna akaun yatie. sori yatie, sape suro ko tak log out dari laptop aku


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