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I Cannot Sleep...

I had to finish my 276-page novel within one night...urghhh

that is what i get for being LAZY


seriously, I need to change myself!


After the election and voting had done, I went back to Cendana from Cemara at 10:45

I went to the Petronas Station to buy some drinks. Bernard said that RedBull can keeps me awake,so I took one, along with a can of Livita.

I started reading the Living Proof by John Harvey from page 71 (I had read some before) and I need to finish until the last page, page 276.

The clock was showing 11:48 when i started. I had RedBull before I started and yeah, I feel refreshed.

I just skimmed through the novel, looking only at important words and sentence.

When I had read until page 176, it was 2:00. So I decided to stop for a while.

Then, I remembered that Farahin said that she also wanted to stay up. I knew she will be sleeping, so I decided to call her to wake her up.

Yeah, and she WAS sleeping. Somehow my instinct were correct. hehehe. Then. she said that she will call me back. So I waited for less than a minute, and she called me back. She bought the Super Saver (Thank you Farahin) and we talked for one and a half hour (I called her for extra 30 minutes, hehe)

It was 4:00, so I continued with my reading. Miraculously, the second-half of my reading take a shorter time; only one and a half hour.

By the time I almost finished, one of my room mate, Khairi, had already woke up and went straight to the bathroom.

After the Subo Azan had finished, I went to pray and then go straight to my bed to sleep....

I woke up at 8:00, prepare myself to go to INTEC (still sleepy actually). I went to bus stop to wait for the bus at 8:40 (usually it arrived at 8:45 - 9:05), but unfortunately it arrived at 9:15....gggrrrrrr


and by the time I typing for this post, I need to finish my book review assignment...

I don't know at what time I will sleep...but I try to finish it off earlier...

I hope my p.a. can help me with something~


  1. your instinct always correct..what a wonderful skill...but skill ntok tekemeneka......wakakakakaka~!

  2. at least it's getting better....

  3. tgk la sape yg brush-up-kan ur skill tekemeneke tu..

    you shud thank to her tau~

  4. yg penting org tu bukan ko aa


  5. aku brush up sendiri aa




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