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Both of Us

Yesterday was an important day

It changed my life a bit (yes, a need to explain.You still want me to explain?)

It didn't change us significantly

We are still us

Yes, because we rilek2 sudey

I really appreciate it

We can be who we really are

No need to change ourselves

Thank you for accepting me

Thank you for not letting me down

Even both of us are really sengal

All the way from Shah Alam to Melaka (specifically? Bukit Katil)

just to meet her

Happy and rilek2

(hope this post is not too jiwang)


  1. apsl aku tengok tajuk cam translation of "aku dan dia"?

    [kalau dah copy tu, copy la jugak~~]

  2. yup

    dun complaint

    aku x pnah pun komplen ko copy kan?


  3. ehem~korg dua nih ade ape2 ke..

    farahin+zafree----> love is in the air..


  4. i just knew it few hours ago...still cant biliv it..haiz

  5. >>>wan

    mmg ader aper2 pun



    ko xyah caye pun xpe

    xde paksaan~~


    (caye aa caye aa)

  6. ak pn xleh caye..
    wpun farahin da 18..
    rse mcm die kcik lg..
    mcm adek ak je (though i'm younger than her)..
    nyway..smoge bhagia..
    jge die elok2 tau!!
    klu x siap ko!

  7. adoi..ade kah kerna fizikal ku yg menyebabkan org tak caye?

    atau mental ku? (eh..bkn2..mental aku fine2)

    atau kerana aku ni FARAHIN?

    hey, which one people?

    im egg-teen!

    (yana, pliz trust me, im egg-teen already)

  8. hahaha

    thanx liyana~

    lagi dua tahun ke ko tanyer aa dier aku layan dier camner



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