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Going Back & Quit

Since the last time I wrote something on a blog, I think I have not changed that much, but I talked less about my problems. Is this a normal thing for an adult? To hide away all your pain and sadness, because we are an "adult" so we need to put up a strong appearance. Of course, it is nothing like when I was a few years younger, where I can easily open up to others to share my problems. I mean, I still can share my worries now, but there are a few things that I need to consider.

The first thing is to consider the feelings of the listener. Of course, they have their share of their problems, so we don't want to add their burden with our problems. Whether it is about work, relationship, finance or time, we all have something that make us feel less whole.

Then we need to consider our own ego and face. There's no telling what the other person might think of us if we show our weaknesses to them, so it is better to just wear a strong mask to cover up our inability to cope with our problems.

Anyway, it seems right now I am at a moment where I am deciding whether or not to quit something. For both options, there are many considerations, and also many pros and cons, so it is not something that can be easily decided. Or maybe because the choice of both is balanced, I shouldn't take a lot of time deciding it. But there are some walls making it hard for me to decide, unless if I can be a bit heartless and have never-look-back attitude.

I'll write the full story later.


  1. lerr thought youre gonna quit blogging straight away after coming back haha.whenever in doubt, listen to what your heart is saying, seek advices and insights


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