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Exam Is Coming

Yes, my final exams for this semester will start in three days, and the last paper is on 16th January. During this semester, I feel like I lacked a lot of things. I haven't been studying as much as during my first year, but that doesn't mean I played a lot either. It just, I don't think this semester is as fulfilled as past semesters.

Nevertheless, I still need to prepare for my finals. So what is my expectations for all the papers?

1. TITAS (Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia Tenggara)
Ah, history. The dreaded subject for almost every students. Where all you need to do is read and memorize. Sound easy? Except that there's a lot. So much facts and names that need to be memorized. But I don't think it is that bad. For starters, hanging with this one friend of mine (Nik Ahmad Faris) raised my awareness to the importance of history. I haven't started reading any historical readings yet, but I try to keep my interest in it. Besides, TITAS is not all about history. It also discusses about contemporary issues such as ethics and globalization. I has fun reading it, especially for someone like me, who started to put my attention to what is happening around the world.

Now I'm fired up to get A for this subject. I did all the assignments (though I don't know the marks), so now leave the finals.

2. Statistics II
The continuation of Statistics I. All in all, Stats II is much easier than Stats I. But that doesn't mean that it is easy. It deals with a lot of words and hypothesis, something that most students in Mathematics hate. But hey, Mathematics is not just about numbers and calculation. So please get rid of that thought from your mind. It's time for real-life applications! That's what I feel the Stats II would say if it is a person.

I did well in both Test I and Test II. Quiz and assignments... I dunno. I hope the marks won't be weighted that much.

3. Operational Method
Owh this one. It's the subject with the most obvious real-life application, but the least understandable in paper. Really, this one had most of friends getting confused here and there. The explanations are simple enough. The examples are very easy. But the questions in exam was... dreadful. It was hard.

Despite that, I still managed to score in the midsem exam (26/30). After this, it will be all reading and understanding through the simple examples... I don't care if it will be hard, I'm just going to answer all correctly.

4. Introduction to Insurance and Takaful
The other reading subject. Yay. There's a lot to read for this one. It is straight-forward and directly apply to real life, especially since insurance is very important once we start working, have cars and houses, etc etc... (See, I dunno anything!)

Group project? We flunked. Presentation? The best! What else can I do besides reading and memorizing everything? But thanks too all my groupmates. You all did great, and I'm thankful to have teammates such as you guys.

5. Numerical Method
First, I need to apologize to Noorel since I made him do one of the group assignments all by himself. I know, I had frequent headaches during that period, but still I feel guilty. Anyway, the workings for this subject is very tedious. You just repeat the steps until you get the approximation that you want. Finding the zeros, interpolation, estimation for differentiation, and estimation for integration. Jeez, just try to do one of the tutorial questions, and see how long it will take you before you arrive to the answer.

I dunno anything about my midsem exam or quiz or tutorial.. I just do my best in the final. Answering all questions correctly sounds like a strategy.

6. Calculus of Complex Variables
I believe this one is the hardest among all, but also the most fun and enjoyable. Well, it is fun when I get to understand it. It is just like normal calculus, but just involving the imaginary plane. At least that is what Prof Maslina told us.

The first quiz was just average. Then I prepared a lot for the midsem, and got the second highest in class. Hopefully I can answer all questions for the final.

This semester was the worst for me, in term of preparing for exams. Alhamdulillah, I did well in most midsems even though my effort was the most minimal up until now. I'll make sure I cover them up by doing my best for the finals. I hope that my friends will also prepare as much as possible and do their best. Let us all pray for the success of each and everyone of us :)


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