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Somehow I Think She's Cute Doing That

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I have seen a lot of people playing like this (boys and girls), but I think it's especially fun seeing the girls doing it. I mean, they look cute when they do that haha. I did this a lot too during my first few years playing games, especially when playing racing games. Truth be told, I still have this habit, but in a kind of different form: I throw the controller to the floor when I get mad. On a side note, I have been using my PS3 controllers for more than two years now, and still work perfectly fine. Either the quality of the controllers are very high or I am just too awesome.

Anyway, I think girls who play games that boys play are really awesome. I don't really have the scientific explanations for this, but I think it's because:

1) It's rare to see girls play games besides Angry Bird (or some other games in their iPhone) and Facebook games (I'm looking at you, The Sims Social).

2) The appreciation when girls have the same interest as us boys. Back in your younger days, what do you think boys and girls play? Boys usually more into sports and outdoor activities, and most girls probably stay home, playing "masak-masak", pretending to be a housewife and having an imaginary husband or whatever they are doing. (Ok sorry, I actually don't know what you girls like to do during your younger age. Don't kill me!) So video games kind of blurring the hobby between boys and girls, and that add one more thing to talk about.

Nowadays, girls do play a lot more games that we boys can ever think. I have a few personal experiences with this (by the way my experiences do not represent the community as a whole, just thought it is interesting to share it):

- In some comments I read in, a female commenter said that a lot of girls do really like to play Skyrim.
- My female classmate in video game class has played Final Fantasy since FFVII. Another girl played Battlefield 3 on PC, and she said she enjoyed playing online. Even my Teaching Assistant plays Skyrim.
- One night when I was in front of Gamestop waiting for midnight release, I saw two girls who are also waiting talking about the story in Assassin's Creed. They know more about the game than I am (well I only watched someone played, never played it though).
- My friend here

(I'm emailing my professor asking for a slide which provide the graph and facts about gamers, including how many percentage of gamers are girls. It's a lot if I'm not mistaken. Hopefully he can provide it soon: it's interesting to know more about facts)

I think girls should try to play some more games, and see how wonderful the experiences are, in the same time trying to understand why most boys love to play games. On the other hand, we guys will try to understand why girls really need to have a lot of shoes in their locker.


  1. i just smile when i read the last paragraph.
    aku tak rasa aku boleh fahamkan kau (atau mana-mana gamers) walaupun aku main game. serius tak kan punya. and frankly speaking, aku sendiri tak tahu macam mana nak cakap kenapa perempuan ada banyak kasut. fitrah kott?
    hahahaha !

  2. maybe it doesn't need any explanations haha

  3. Haahahahaa! I play like the girl on the top left, always hugging the controller, pastu muka ketat gila pandang screen TV.*serious face*

    I KNEW that you're gonna mention me!
    I knew it~
    I knew it~

    *super happy face*

    I don't know any other girl who plays video games like me other than this person:-

    Lol, she's also a pewdiepie fan :O


  4. I don't know what kind of face nor the pose I did when I'm playing games. But I do know how irritated I can get when I'm disturbed (though mostly weren't intentional :( ). Should I record how I look during game play session, like pewdiepie? hahaha I know I would be like "omg I really did this??" and "omg is that my own voice???"

    should I put you on the top on the list then? haha :p I know a few of my girl friends who play games, but I don't think they play games like you do (and they don't talk about games in their blog haha!). that's why you're on the list!

    is she someone I know? I visited her blog and it's an interesting one o_0

  5. It's really up to you if you wanna do it; should be amusing though XD

    Nah, I liked that you placed me at the bottom, builds up the suspense hahah. Oh, I was hoping to find other girls who play video games or draw, but I guess we are a rare type of people.

    Shes my classmates from before I entered MRSM, so I doubt it. She's a pharmacy student, thus the reason i nicknamed her the Drug Dealer :D


  6. yeah you girls are like those legendary pokemons haha


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