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Thursday Rants

Everyday, I have Arabic class at 8:50 am. To be honest, I kinda regret taking a class this early. Like this morning, I didn't wake up until it was 8:42 am. I felt very bad about myself, and thinking abut what should I do today in order to make up for the absent (like sweeping the floor, washing the bathroom or whatever). I feel ashamed of myself for not being able to go to class. Then my housemate woke me up, and said it was "already" 8:20 am.

"What?" I said to myself, confused. Owh, I just had a dream of me didn't wake up to go to class. Haha. Then I took a bath, and went to the class. (Lately, I am having a lot of weird dream. Hope it is not a premonition of something bad is coming to me)

This week, I have been playing games a lot. This time, it is totally intentional; I really want to play games no matter what. To have fun? To kill time? To forget? To escape? You can name any reason, as I play them for various reasons. I really need to thank him for giving me the suggestion.

I think I have not talked about games for a long time. Let me talk about the games I am currently playing.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - PS3 (Treyarch)
The Hardened Edition

This is my most played game. I haven't finished the single player campaign, and not that I care even a bit about it. It just a long corridor walkthrough with cinematic cutscenes, at least that is my impression on the single player campaign. I only played for 2 hours then I gave up. Nevertheless, the best part about this game is the multiplayer. I have been playing a lot, usually with my friends, or after I watched some cool video og the gameplay of this game on Youtube. The multiplayer is a blast. It has a lot of customization, and the different combination of weapon, attachment, perks, equipment and game mode make this game has a high replay value. I can play it using the same style I have been using, or switch to some other combination that I rarely used (like using sniper) to prevent the game from being stale. Usually I go with Team Deathmatch (kill other teams until score limit) or Domination (capture-the-objective based), but lately I have been playing Domination (planting or defending bombs) and Free-For-All (Like Team Deathmatch but no team, every man for himself) too. Usually I play this game over the weekend.

The best "+100"
Right now, I think I have been investing about 168 hours (almost a total of seven days) into the game. With kill/death ratio of 1.55, at level 50 never prestiged, and already unlocked all Pro perks.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together - PSP (Square Enix)

I rented it, so no box art
Looking at the title, I wasn't a bit interested in the game. But after reading a few reviews from several gaming websites, I am a bit interested and decided to buy it later. One day, I received a message from Gamefly (a game rental service) that the game is already shipped. Yeah, I totally forgot that I put the game in my waiting list to rent. After playing with it a few times, I am definitely in love with the game. The closest game to compare is Final Fantasy Tactics, but may be even better. It is a strategy RPG game, and uhm, it's kinda hard for me to explain it in easy way, sorry about that. But I am having a blast with the game. The story is about a man who wants to get a revenge on his dad, but later may turn into a hero or traitor, depending on your choices. Yes, in certain part of the storyline, you need to make a big decision, that will determine you path. I can see myself playing this game again after I finish it for the first time. It just so damn good. The story is more on the mature part; it deals with morality, royalty and loyalty.

This is war
If you have a PSP, you should definitely give this game a try. But be warned, it may hard to get into the game in the beginning, but there is a diamond amongst those sand of difficulty.

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition - PS3 (Capcom)

An expansion of 2009's Resident Evil 5, the Gold Edition adds two new episode to an already awesome game, plus a Playstation Move Support. I bought the game just for the purpose of using the Move. After playing it for about 5 hours, I must admit that I am impressed with the Move support. It's easier to land a headshot to the zombies and it does feel natural after a while. Melee is kinda awkward though. I only play this went my friend is online for us to play together. Maybe only twice a week.

You know his head is going to explode
Pokemon SoulSilver - DS (Nintendo)

I played this last year, I sold it, and suddenly I feel like playing it again. So, I bought it, and I enjoyed it. It's a Pokemon game, why shouldn't I enjoy it? Pokemon really has this kind of charm: it's simple, but in the same time it's complicated if you really dwell into the game. It looks childish, but it appeals the hardcore audiences too. It has a lot of replay value, since you can try different combination of teams. You can try to catch every Pokemon in the game, or you can just stick with a few and defeat every possible trainers. There are a lot of things to do in the game. Right now, I am on my way to defeat Red (Ash), the greatest Pokemon trainer in the game. I have been winning on the Pokemon League for 5 times now.

My Pokemon line up

I also received free Suicune, Entei and Celebi from Gamestop~ (I missed Raikou)

Aside from the games I am currently playing, there are also a lot of games that I already done playing, maybe about 10 games? But I'll talk about it on another post. It will be too long if I put it here too.

Right now, I don't put studies as my first priority. Truthfully. My first priority is to calm myself down, and just deal with my emotions. If I don't keep my emotions in the right conditions, I wouldn't be studying or doing anything right now. Most probably I will be thinking about some painless way to die. Nope, just kidding (but seriously). So, I need to settle myself one by one. It's kinda irony though. Games are one of the reasons why I am emotional lately, but it is also one of the way to keep my emotions in check. But who cares?! I am happy right now. Haha.

In case you are wondering, study is my number two priority. To be honest, right now, I don't really study that much compared to others, but I am making sure that I finish and send every assignments and howeworks. I have my own way of studying, so I don't care if people says that I am being too carefree. Hopefully I can maintain this way for now, with being better each and every day. I know, there will be time when I need to put my studies in the first priority. Right now, let me get myself straight first.

Some people says that in order to achieve one thing, we need to sacrifice one thing too. Or if we are good with one thing, there are one thing that we aren't good at. I have been thinking, am I like that too? I am ok with my studies, but I am not when dealing with my emotions.

Can I trade my IQ in order to get higher EQ?

TL;DR: My current problem is not with my studies, but with my emotions. I want to deal with emotions first, and then my studies. To forget everything for a while is the best way for me now~


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